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    Luxury Cars
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    A road trip is one of the most exciting ways to travel, and everyone can enjoy it thanks to car rental. Whether it’s a beach vacation in Miami or visiting California’s national parks, driving a rental car gives you freedom of movement and fun. 

    However, we can’t say that when you are driving a clunker or some boring little car. A road trip is primarily about comfort, and therefore many travelers avoid cramped cars in favor of spacious luxury vehicles. 

    So, it would be a great idea to pick up luxury car rental Atlanta GA, Orlando FL, or any other travel destination and have an incredible road trip. But which rental car to choose among the many luxury models? We have selected several ones that will guarantee you a trip full of luxury and comfort…

    Lexus GS

    The Lexus GS is a luxury rear-wheel or four-wheel drive sedan that combines the qualities of an executive car with some of the makings of a sports car. It focuses on those who pay special attention not only to the level of comfort and equipment but also to driving performance. 

    The Lexus GS has excellent reliability by JD Power as well as a perfect safety rating by US News. Standard features include a reversing camera, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert. It’s an easy-to-drive, fast, and spacious vehicle that will delight you with a smooth ride and impeccable fuel efficiency. All these features make Lexus GS one of the best luxury car rental models for your trip.

    Genesis G90 

    The Genesis G90 is among the leaders in the large luxury car category. While the G90 is quite an affordable car in its class, it looks and feels like one of the greatest sedans on the car rental market. Engineers packed the G90 with numerous advanced features. Nappa leather upholstery, rear power sun visors, power doors, and 22-way power driver’s seat come as standard. 

    Aside from packing the G90 with all sorts of goodies, Genesis equipped the sedan’s interior with impressive materials that could adorn an even more expensive car. Passengers will find plenty of interior space inside the G90. The rear legroom is 37.8 inches, which is enough for tall passengers. Plus, if you’re planning to go on a long-distance trip, the 444.5-liter boot of the G90 has plenty of room to hold all your belongings.

    Alfa Romeo Giulia

    As a true luxury sports car, the Alfa Romeo Giulia has a range of powerful engines, excellent brakes, precise handling, and comfortable steering. Alfa Romeo Giulia also has a high safety performance. Even basic equipment includes a rear camera, parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning system. All these features allowed the model to receive the highest rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). 

    As for the interior, both the driver and passengers will feel comfortable while traveling. At the same time, the modern entertainment system won’t let you get bored on long-distance trips.

    Audi A8

    The super-luxury rental car class offers numerous options with powerful engines and advanced technical features. And even in this highly competitive segment, the Audi A8 stands out for its high-class interior.

    No matter where you sit in one of the A8’s five seats, the sedan feels like a serene luxury car. Front passengers get 22-way adjustable seats that are heated and ventilated as standard. Massage seats, as well as heating for the steering wheel, center console armrests, and door armrests, are also available.

    The standard Audi infotainment system includes a 10.1-inch upper touchscreen and an 8.6-inch lower touchscreen. The upper screen provides smartphone integration, navigation, and media display, while the lower one is for climate control, seating, and other features. The lack of traditional buttons and switches gives the A8 a truly high-tech modern design.

    BMW 7-Series

    BMW 7-Series is a modern, high-tech, and comfortable luxury-class sedan. The car not only emphasizes the taste and status of the driver but also gives real driving pleasure. The basic equipment includes an air suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers. 

    The interior of the 7-Series features the corporate style of the latest models and shows the best practices of the company. The quality of finishing materials, ergonomics, and assembly are fully consistent with the idea of ​​a premium class. 

    In front of the driver are a fully virtual dashboard and an updated multifunction steering wheel. The central part of the dashboard provides a 10.25-inch display of the proprietary iDrive system. At the same time, right below is the control unit for the acoustic and climate system. 

    The front dashboard boasts high-quality leather trim with decorative inserts made of natural wood, which once again emphasizes the luxury status of the car.

    Mercedes-Benz S-class 

    The list of luxury car rental offers available for your trip wouldn’t be complete without Mercedes-Benz. The S-Class is the leader in the luxury car category. Despite the high price, the S-class interior is so luxurious that you can find something comparable only in more expensive cars. 

    Premium leather upholstery, natural wood trim, and other rich materials adorn the S-Class’s interior. The S-Class cabin always smells good thanks to the standard Air Balance scent system. There’s ample leg and headroom for passengers in both rows. Rear seat features include folding tables, footrests, power sun visors, and a massage option. 

    The S-Class has high-tech electronic features too. The instrument cluster includes a 12.3-inch digital display and a 12.3-inch infotainment screen that looks like one unit. The driver can operate the screens using buttons on the steering wheel or a knob on the center console.


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