10 Reasons to send roses to your beloved this valentine week


    Valentine’s week is approaching, and the day celebrating love will soon be here. There are many ways in which you can show the love and affection you have for your partner. You can cook dinner, or you could go to a fancy restaurant, or you could take them to a carnival, or you can send them roses. As simple as that. 

    Roses have been an age-long tradition in romantic relationships, and you cannot go slightly over the importance flowers have in a relationship. Gift-giving doesn’t have to be lavish; even if the gift is inexpensive and given with the right intentions, then that will be the greatest gift of all. Gifts help in showing your appreciation, love, affection, and care for the other person. Flowers are actually said to be very thoughtful gifts, and roses are the most romantic flowers of all.

    A dozen of red roses mean deep love and passion. Pink roses refer to grace and elegance. Light pink and white roses signify happiness and purity of intentions, respectively. Choosing flowers isn’t something as easy as going to a florist’s and picking out the first bouquet you set your eyes on. There is a lot of thought that goes into buying flowers, especially for your partners. 

    Below are ten reasons why sending roses to your partner is significant.

    Gift-giving shows sincerity and the commitment that one person has for the other. This can be used as a way to let your partner know the seriousness of the relationship, and though it is a simple gesture, it speaks a million words and even speaks languages that lavish gifts cannot.

    • Expressing love

    Everyone has different “love languages” and for some, receiving flowers can be a very nice gift. Figure out what your partner likes, and even if it seems like a simple gift to you, give it to them. The most wholesome gifts are the thoughtful ones. 

    • Making your beloved feel special

    When someone loves you, appreciation or even acknowledgment from you can make them feel special and happy. When you see your partner down in the dumps, you get into the responsibility of making them happy without haste. You can also personalize your rose bouquet with a note or a letter, professing your love for them. 

    • Letting someone that you care

    It’s the day of love, and what better day to show someone that you care for them? Flowers are a great way of expressing just that. You can start off your date by offering your partner a dozen of red roses, which symbolize deep love and passion. If you wish that these roses stay for a long time, then you can give a forever roses box, as these flowers remain preserved for a long period of time. 

    • Appreciation

    Sometimes, appreciation from your loved ones is all that you need to boost your spirits. We give people gifts to show them their importance in our lives and how grateful we are for them. 

    • It’s the person, not the gift

    We are ingrained with the common misconception that the more lavish the gift, the more someone is loved. But, the truth is, even the smallest gift given by the right person can feel monumental. So, it lies with the person and not the type of gift. 

    • To see your beloved smile

    When you receive a gift or even a kiss from your person, it lifts your heart. Sending them unexpected bouquets at work and when they are lost in the sludge of work, knowing that someone who loves them is there and it brings a smile on their face. Flowers can bring out unknown emotions to the surface. 

    • To be remembered

    Sometimes, we just want the people who love us to remember us and think about us. Flowers are a great way of helping them know that you remember them and that they are a major part of your life. 

    • To celebrate special occasions

    For celebrating Valentine’s Day, sending flowers can be the most romantic thing you can do for your partner. Special occasions deserve special gifts, and roses are the perfect ones. 

    • To just do something nice

    Doing something nice for your partner is very underrated, and sending flowers is a thoughtful and sincere gift that can have a lasting impact on your partner and even contribute to strengthening the relationship.


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