14 sure Shot ways to Help you Multitask like a Boss

    shot ways to help you multitask like a boss

    As a business owner, your to-do list is forever full to the brim. There’s always more than one task that needs your attention on an urgent basis. So, what should you do to ensure that everything that needs to be done is done right in time? The unanimous answer to the question is multi-tasking. However, unfortunately, juggling between the tasks is not something that all of us can do. So, here we have come up with 14 strategies and tools that will help you multitask like a boss. Based on your requirements, you can seek help from these tools. Let’s get started, and take a look at these tools one by one. 

    First – iPhone with iCal

    Jacob, who offers online assignment help Perth, says that he relies a lot on his phone, and has a habit of jotting down every assignment, meeting, and event in the phone. It is a great way to be updated about every upcoming event in life. The best part about the app is that it is free to use. So, if you take my advice, I believe that every person who’s reading this article should download the app and have it at all times. Further, you can even set reminders of 30 minutes and 5 minutes before the event. It is a great way to be proactive and always be on time for your events and meetings. 

    Second – Outsourcing and Delegating

    Honestly, a lot of people cannot do multitasking, no matter how hard they try. So, the best way to replicate multi-tasking is by mimicking it with outsourcing and delegation. You can go ahead and delegate everything that you feel isn’t of the top-most priority. In this manner, you can complete more than one task in the given time as different tasks are being performed simultaneously. 

    Third – Trello

    Trello is one app that can change your life for the good. It helps you get more things done in a limited period. Honestly, sometimes the need of the hour is hardcore multitasking. In such situations, Trello is your rescue app. It makes it easy for you to switch between the projects with so much efficiency. Further, Trello has a system of only using the cards, lists, and boards. It makes it so simple yet so valuable as a tool.

    Fourth – Google Apps

    Mathew, who works with a platform where you can pay for research paper services online, says that if there’s one thing that he cannot practically live without, then it is his MacBook Pro and the Chrome browser in it that comes with a collaborative cloud suite of the Google Apps. He says that he employs Google Apps as the primary underlying productivity suite for almost all his tasks. 

    Fifth – Living a Balanced Life

    When you eat healthily, exercise regularly, and make better life choices, you automatically become a multi-tasking machine. A good 30-minute workout every day can help you stay focussed and active all through the day. You might have all the lists, calendars, and events marked. However, none of it would work if your mind is not in the right place. Thus, by living a balanced life, you can be disciplined and make the most of your day and routine.

    Sixth – Scheduling not just work, but your life as a whole

    In your daily routine, you must schedule some time for the day to day activities. These are necessary to help you relax and recharge. It will add the requisite value to your life. Some of the activities that should be included in your life schedule include having a weekly social night or a date with your partner, exercising every day, spending time with your family or friends, going on a vacation every few months. With this, you will always have something to look forward to. Moreover, when you spare time for activities beyond work, you will always be motivated. Further, with proper time scheduling and allocation, you will have ample time to manage other important things in your life without cancelling on anything.

    Seventh – Any.do

    Jia, who works with a platform where you can pay someone to do my homework online, says that the only tool that she uses to stay productive and organized is Any.do. It easily integrates with every service, browser, or device that you use on a daily basis. The tool comes with a simple “deadline” option. On the whole, it makes multi-tasking so simple and seamless. You can download the chrome extension of it. Once you do that, you will get daily alerts at 8 AM that will notify you to plan the day ahead. Further, this is not enough. It also has some incredible features that must be explored. 

    Eighth – Pocket

    Another really helpful tool for business owners and managers who need to multi-task is Pocket. It is a great tool for anyone who loves reading or has subscribed to several newsletters. So, what you can do is quickly scan through all of the reading pieces in the morning and then add them to the Pocket. Then, as and when you find time through the day, you can read through the saved content. So, during your travel time or an hour, before you sleep, you have enough material to read through.  The best part about saving things in Pocket is that you don’t need an internet connection to read through these items.

    Ninth – Basecamp

    Zoe, who recently had to pay for essay services online, says that she uses Basecamp to keep everything organized under one central platform. It facilitates communication and allows things to be done faster. 

    Tenth – Working in Multiple Rooms

    A lot of entrepreneurs switch their work environment to improve their productivity. For this, you can place your computers in different rooms, and then switch often. To tell you the truth, the working environment has a pivotal role to play in your performance. It is so, because, when you enter a productive environment, your body adapts to it and you start working accordingly. Roxy, who offers the best SEO course online, says that when you switch from one room to another, your tediousness is flushed out, and you are recharged to start working again. It is a great way to feel productive all through the day. 

    Eleventh – Kanban

    Kanban is a tool, which is much like a supercharged list of things that you have to do. So, when you have this tool, you stay focused on your daily and weekly tasks. Using the app, you can hammer out the petty tasks and divert all your attention to the bigger tasks or the goals. 

    Twelfth – Not Multitasking

    Some experts believe that the best way to multitask is to not multitask at all. When you use this drill, you’ll be able to effectively focus on the task in hand, and finish it off real quick. Hence, when the first task is complete, you can move on to the next task. By following this technique, you’ll be able to be more productive throughout the day. Further, your effectiveness and efficiency in the tasks will be increased. Lastly, there wouldn’t be any burnout from trying to juggle between too many things in one go. 

    Thirteenth – Time Blocking

    Sonia, who works with a platform that offers excellent online long tail pro coupon code,says that there are certain tasks through the day or week that are recurring. For such recurring tasks, you must block out the calendar sections to crank through. Once you do that, you are in a position to achieve more and this, in turn, improves your daily productivity. Further, the best part about time blocking is that it gives you enough time to socialize and stay connected with your family without compromising your productivity. 

    Fourteenth – Automated Email Management

    One of the biggest and the gravest productivity drag is the email. So, to save time in emails, you can create a custom filter on Gmail. This filter will flag anything and everything that is mailed to you by your team. So, all such emails will be moved to the top of the inbox for your easy access. When the proper segregation is done, it is easier for you to respond to the urgent emails seamlessly, without being bogged down by the endless clutter of spammy emails or promotions. All you have to do is, check through the mails on the top, reply back to these emails, and then ignore the other mails that you get in your inbox. It would be a big time-saver for you. 

    So, these, according to us, are the top 14 tools or strategies that you can use to multitask like a boss without compromising on your social life. If you have any more suggestions to add to this list, you can let us and our audiences know about it in the comment section below. We’ll be more than happy to receive your valuable suggestions and share the same with our readers.   

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