3 Answers We Will Desperately Search For In Crime Thriller’s Season 2


    With the pre-destined success of the American Crime Thriller web television series, Mindhunter is all set to take you on another crime ride this season. This was no surprise to the audience as Netflix had already announced the release of Mindhunter season two before season one was streamed. That claims that the makers were already sure of the success of season one. The second season will be renewed on August 16, 2019.

    Season two is set two years later after the happenings of season one. Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany and Denis Rader will reprise their roles. David Fincher is back as the director for premise and finale. 

    Season one of Mindhunter left us with a lot of unanswered questions. We will definitely be looking for the answers to these questions throughout Season 2.



    The first question that comes up is what’s up with Holden? What’s going on with him? Does he still have his job? Did he have a nervous breakdown? Seems like all of these questions will be answered in the following episodes of Season 2.

    Secondly, we are still confused about the scenes of cat food left by Dr Carr in her basement. Does a cat exist? Or is it just something delusional? Or is it another killer activity? 

    What is there for the BTK killer in season two? Will he be the sole killer? Will we get to see new killers for the new season? This is one question that will definitely be answered during the course of season two. 

    We need to tune in to the second season to explore all the possible answers to the suspected theories. Let’s hope that Mindhunter season two does not disappoint us and meets its own benchmark for the thrill offered.


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