3 Easy Ways to Win in Baccarat


    There’s a certain elegance to baccarat that many other casino games do not possess. For this reason, and a few others, it’s one of the most popular games for high rollers to play. Aside from aesthetics, baccarat actually has amazing odds and is a very simple game to learn how to play.

    If you’re thinking it’s about time for you to take advantage of the low house edge of baccarat, there’s never been a better time. For instance, this casino games is offering an even lower house edge on some variations of this game. New players will benefit the most from the following easy tips for winning baccarat.

    Know the Odds for Different Baccarat Bets

    There are three types of baccarat bets you must choose between. These are The Player, The Banker and Tie Bets. You decide which one you feel more strongly will win the next round based on the value of the cards they are dealt. Your approach here is what determines how much you can win. And it’s the only thing you must decide on, the rest is done by the dealer and up to pure luck.

    Knowing the odds of these different bets winning should influence your decision. For 

    instance, they are as follows:

    • The Player – 44.61% 
    • The Banker – 45.84% 
    • Tie Bet – 9.45% 

    Of course, the payout for the tie bet reflects how much more unlikely it is to occur compared to the others.

    Betting on the Banker More

    Based on the above figures, it would make sense to bet on the banker more often than the other two. Which is why many baccarat experts would suggest making your first bet on the banker and sticking to it until it loses. Some variations of the game might give you an even greater chance of winning than what is stated above, at over 50%.

    It also makes more sense to bet on the banker more when you aren’t using a betting system. This is because the house takes 5% commission on banker bets, so using betting systems simultaneously isn’t the best idea. Particularly because most betting systems use progression or negative strategies.

    Avoid the Tie Bet 

    Most players who have some experience with baccarat already understand that it’s not a great option compared to the other two. In fact, most would refer to it as a “sucker bet”, since the house edge is much larger than on the banker or the player bets.

    You might think of it as a viable choice and want to take a chance on it from time to time for the bigger payout. Just be prepared to be disappointed the majority of the time, since there is only roughly a one in ten chance of it actually winning.

    Have Fun and Don’t Chase Your Losses

    Having some fun should be your first priority when playing baccarat or any other casino game. So, don’t lose sight of this. The real winners are always enjoying themselves, and you draw more positive luck when you are in a great mood and aren’t making decisions based on desperation to recoup your losses or getting too greedy. 

    At the end of the day, winning is going to be more enjoyable than losing. But you should remain realistic about how the games of luck really go and be prepared to deal with whatever outcomes you get.


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