3 Small Business Ideas To Help You Make A Killing

    3 Small Business Ideas

    If you have been working 9 to 5, with frequent bouts of overtime for many years, and are now bored out of your wits, you’ve come to the right place. We understand things can get rough, and working for someone else can be unrewarding. Moreover, burnout is a real killer, and you do not want to go around with high stress. It is not healthy.- 3 Small Business Ideas

    There must have been moments when you thought you could make more money working for yourself. But you didn’t move ahead with your plan. You must have reasoned with yourself over lack of financial resources or the enormity of the task. It is perfectly normal, but this does not mean that you cannot start your own business now.

    The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath and develop mental clarity. This is important because you want to ensure you’re not deciding without due consideration. All factors, including your personal life and career goals, must be questioned. Once you make a decision, stick to it. There’s no going back. Things might work out, or they will not, but you have to be confident in your decision.

    The next thing to do is evaluate whether you would be able to keep up with finances. Running costs can take a toll on your wallet, and if you are growing rapidly, you might have to put in more money. See if you can do it alone or whether you need investors. Also, decide whether you want to do it alongside your job or full-time since this decision can affect your life.

    Moving further, let us talk about business skills. If you feel you are under-equipped, a general Master of Business Administration degree can teach you a lot about business strategy and operations. So consider upskilling. You can educate yourself on the go via online learning.

    With all of that out of the way, here are some business ideas to help you become successful.

    1) Online teaching- 3 Small Business Ideas

    The coronavirus pandemic has led to the wide acceptance of remote education. With universities across the globe being forced to adopt this approach, students are now more comfortable studying online. Moreover, many great remote learning tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have made it easier for teachers to conduct classes in a streamlined manner.

    You can become an online teacher. But, bear in mind, if you teach at schools, they might require you to conduct in-person classes later on. Therefore, private tuition is your only option when it comes to conventional education. But, the silver lining is that private tuition pays well in most parts of the world. With CIE A-Levels being the standard in many countries, if you offer your services online, you can have students from across the globe.

    Other than this, you can offer skill-based education. You can teach people graphic designing, computer programming, etc., if you are good at these skills. Specific skills are in-demand. You can also record and sell courses of your lessons. People are eager to learn online, and if your courses sell well, you will make good money.

    2) Web and app development- 3 Small Business Ideas

    If you have a degree in computer science and are already acquainted with development, this should be easy for you. However, if this is new for you, there are many online courses (we told you these things are in-demand) you can take. If you are not willing to pay for it, you can learn from free videos on YouTube. There are free books you can read for more extensive learning.

    Once you have the requisite understanding, you can develop websites or applications. However, to make money in these domains, you must ensure you are doing high-quality work. Given that the market is saturated with developers and programmers these days, innovation and execution will make you stand out. Of course, use your business skills to market yourself.

    You can offer your web development services on Fiverr or sell your apps through Google Play. With enormous competition on Fiverr, you need to be patient and should garner good reviews from your clients. As for your app, ensure that it does not have any bugs and is innovative enough to attract attention.

    3) Content writing- 3 Small Business Ideas

    Well, you can do this with your current job. It is one of those things you can pursue on the sidelines with ease if you develop the proper discipline for it. With many content writing jobs being outsourced to freelancers, you can make good money in this market. Writing can be a high-paying job if you find a company that pays a reasonable rate per word.

    Often companies pay more if you pick articles in bulk and deliver them on a tight deadline. If you can keep up with the tasks, you can outperform others. This should help you make more money than your contemporaries. Furthermore, if you have good SEO skills, this pays more than your everyday article writing.

    You must remember that content writing is an umbrella term for various writing gigs. Technical writing, which falls in this category, is an emerging field of its own and can become a separate business option. You can offer your services on Fiverr or work as a freelancer with a company, and if you do well, you can make a lot of money in this field.


    You do not have to start a company to pursue these business ideas. Self-employment is the key here, and these ideas will serve as building blocks for your business. You can set up a company as you grow. Remember that consistency is the key. Many people give up too early, even before they have experienced their first round of stability. Go into this with determination, and let your competitors know that you are in this for the long run.


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