Create a competitive advantage through the use of a 3D Configurator

    3D Configurator

    Purchasing items through the Internet has not been easy from the start. After over two decades being among us it has drastically improved. Nowadays, a purchase can be a few clicks away. Next? You will receive the product in your mailbox the next day. However, this has not been the case for all products, especially when it comes to complex ones. Buying a shirt through the Internet is easy, but what about a highly specific piece of machinery for businesses? Well, you can configure a car, but such machines are often tailored proposals from the manufacturer. But now, there is a change ahead of us: the introduction of the 3D configurator.

    How does a 3D configurator work?

    As a consumer, you might know the 3D configurator from car manufacturers. When you go to their website, you can click on a specific car model and see the car in a 3D image. Then, you can select all the options you desire on the car and modify the color. In the meantime the pricing of the car is automatically adjusted according to the needs. This technique is now also available for specialised technology companies.

    Seamless integration across the tool suite

    These companies are often working with CAD to create their machines and tooling provided to their clients. When you leverage a 3D configurator these can be seamlessly integrated. This means that the configurator can send the outcome of the configuration to CAD software, allowing for automated processing. This not only provides an enhanced customer experience, but also creates efficiencies within the organisation.

    3D configurator Sell complex products more easily

    Where in the past complex products were hard to sell, this now becomes easier. As customers can click and select the options they need, they immediately see a visual representation of the product they will order. Based on the nature of your product, you can even show the potential throughout or power the product will generate for the client. This also makes it an appealing scenario for the customer to start the purchasing processes. As becomes evident, it can be a serious competitive advantage to have a 3D configurator at your side.

    Integrate with your CRM capabilities

    There are several companies that are offering these 3D configuration capabilities. When selecting a party, it makes sense to check the options for integration with CAD software and your CRM suite. When integrating with your CRM, you are able to Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) your products more easily. Processes can be automated and customised offers can be shared with the customer without human intervention needed. This makes the use of CPQ software in combination with 3D capabilities a powerful combination that enhances your company. Not only in terms of the customer experience but also when looking at automation, costs and integration across your organisation.


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