4 Best Habits for Productivity

    4 Best Habits for Productivity

    Let’s face it: you can work long and hard but still not be productive. Just because you sit in front of your laptop the whole day doesn’t mean you made the best use of your time. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and we totally understand.Procrastination often leads to regret later on when the deadlines start to pile up. The adrenaline rush of trying to submit a buzzer beater output is surely exhilarating, but it can lead to burnout. If you’re tired of being burnt out, then it may be time to get your life organized. Here are some of the best habits for productivity!

    1. Set up a system for yourself.

    It is a lot easier to become productive if you already have a routine. This cuts down the time of slacking and lazing around the whole day. While we do support taking some time for yourself to relax, the relaxation will be even more rewarding after a fulfilled to-do list.

    One way you can do this is through an org chart app. This is particularly useful if you are an employee in a company, a student, or if you simply want to streamline your day! We recommend opting for one that is easily accessible through a mobile device. 

    2. Wake up early.

    The early bird truly does get the worm. Even if you claim to be more productive at night, you will be surprised to find out how much you can get done if you wake up a little earlier. You will find yourself checking off most of your to-dos earlier, and having more time to relax before bed.

    An extra hour in the morning also allows you some time for self-care. You will be able to prepare breakfast for yourself, and maybe even fit in some time to exercise.

    3. Don’t forget to look after your health.

    A week bedridden due to a fever or colds is a week of not being productive. This is why you should never forget to eat, drink your vitamins, and have plenty of rest. Ditch the take out menus and unhealthy snacks. Opt for healthy, nutritious meals to fuel you for the day.

    You can thank fruits and vegetables for your energy boost on sluggish days. We recommend having 3 meals a day, and staying away from fatty foods. Unhealthy meals may fill you up, but you will feel even lazier and sluggish.

    4. Keep distractions away.

    Unless you extremely need your phone for your work, then it may be best to put it on do not disturb mode. It is very easy to fall into the rabbit hole of social media and random videos on Youtube. Before you know it, you have just wasted 2 hours scrolling through your phone.

    There are focus apps available that will block social media platforms, if you really need it. Doing this will help you keep all your attention on the task at hand. Don’t worry, after you finish everything you need to do, you can scroll to your heart’s content.

    Here’s the best tip: don’t forget to reward yourself after a productive day.

    This may be through a film marathon, a relaxing nap, or maybe time with your friends and family. Doesn’t it feel even more fulfilling to relax knowing that you have no pending tasks? There are no looming responsibilities, and all you need to do is focus on your own enjoyment.

    No matter how you wind down, it is important to reward yourself. It will keep you recharged for the next day and avoid burnout. 

    Do you have any tips on how to stay productive? Let us know in the comments!


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