5 Benefits of Swimming You Might Not Be Aware 


    Swimming is a popular sport across the world. It is something you can do for fun, competitively or to keep fit. However, something you may not know is that swimming offers a host of other benefits. Most of these benefits have a great impact on your physical and mental health. So, what are some of these benefits? Read on to find out.

    1. It helps improve your muscle strength and definition

    When you swim frequently, it will help you a great deal in gaining muscle strength all over your body. For instance, runners only use muscles around their leg region. On the other hand, a swimmer will use different muscle groups to glide through the water.

    Therefore, you will realise that when you swim, you stabilise your core, rotate your back, pull your arms and legs while tightening your stomach. That is why swimming remains one of the best aerobics for that ultimate full-body workout.

    2. It is an ideal way of building up bone mass

    In most studies over the years, many experts shunned the idea that swimming affected bone mass. This was largely because many of these experts contended that only weight-bearing exercises could build up bone mass.

    However, according to research, this is not entirely the case. In the study, rats were placed in three groups; the control group, swimming and running. Inasmuch as rats in the running group portrayed the highest gains in bone mineral density (BMD), rats in the swimming group also exhibited some benefits, especially over the control group. Nevertheless, more research is needed to this end. But it is safe to say we cannot refute that swimming has some benefits on BMD.

    3. Helps with flexibility

    When you swim, you get to twist, stretch, reach and also pull your weight through water. Even if you don’t stretch on your own, the repetitiveness you experience while swimming goes a long way in helping you stay fit and flexible.

    4. Swimming can help reduce cases of inflammation

    Swimming has been known to offer incredible cardiovascular benefits, especially in strengthening the muscles in the heart region; there is research backing contending that swimming as an aerobic activity is capable of reducing inflammation responsible for atherosclerosis. Swimming in warm water is also relaxing and soothing on your joints, so if that is appealing, consider a gas solar heater for warm water every day of the year.  

    5. Swimming in salt-water can be a form of skin treatment

    When you opt to go out for some salt-water swimming, you will begin noticing some improvement in your skin health after some time. When you do this frequently, the water will play a vital role in retaining the skin moisture while detoxifying it to promote the growth of new cells. Your skin will start feeling healthy after every swim in the ocean!

    Wrap up

    These are just a few of the immense benefits you can enjoy when you decide to take on swimming, whether for fun or competitively. Therefore, if you want to experience these and more benefits, ensure that you keep up with your swimming schedules.



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