5 Common Causes of Truck Accidents


    Georgia sees a lot of truck accidents. Only in 2018, there were 135 deaths that occurred as a result of truck accidents in this region. Most of the time, fatal accidents in Georgia are caused by drunk driving. People who are injured in these accidents often hire an Augusta truck accident attorney to get the compensation they deserve.

    Truck accidents happen for many reasons. Sometimes, the truck driver himself is at fault for the crash. Other times, accidents are caused because of the company’s negligence. If you are a truck driver or want to become one, it’s crucial to know the leading causes of truck accidents so you can try your best to avoid them. 

    Therefore, here are the 5 most common causes of truck accidents.

    • Fatigued Driving

    A truck driver will be on the road for extended periods. He or she needs to rest at times – otherwise, the risk of accidents increases. 

    There are even regulations meant to protect truck drivers. No commercial driver should drive for over 11 hours at a time. In fact, there should be a 10-hour break every 11 hours or less. On top of that, drivers shouldn’t drive over 60 hours every week or 70 hours in 8 days. 

    The regulations regarding a truck driver’s hours on the road have been created to protect not only the large vehicles’ drivers but also the other participants on the road. Unfortunately, the mandates are not always followed. This is all due to the culture of the company or the scheduling practices of the business, but also the motivations of one individual. 

    • Bad Truck Maintenance

    A truck is a large vehicle that needs a lot of maintenance. Before a driver takes off, the truck should be checked to see whether there are issues that need to be fixed to prevent a dangerous scenario from unfolding. 

    Under the federal and state regulations, but also the rules of trucking companies, truck drivers will have to properly maintain their trucks. Their vehicle and the connected parts should be maintained properly, and the driver should ensure that everything works the way it should. 

    So, if you want to prevent truck accidents, maintenance is a must.

    • Aggressive Driving

    It’s not out of the ordinary for a truck driver to be under a lot of stress. Not only do they have to travel very far, but they always have to make deliveries on time. On top of that, they might deal with high traffic and even irresponsible drivers. 

    This makes a truck driver more likely to drive aggressively. They may tailgate others, not yield the right of way, cut a different driver off, or follow a driver way too closely. Therefore, they end up hurting other drivers and even themselves in the process. 

    Whether you are already a truck driver or you’re working to become one, you should always take breaks, stay calm and make sure to respect the rules of the road. You can prevent accidents by maintaining a calm state.

    • Distracted Driving

    Long trips can be boring and exhausting, and many times, truck drivers may do other things to help pass the time more easily. Some text so they can stop looking at the road in front of them for a bit, but they may also check social media or their notifications. Other truck drivers may start eating while driving or drinking coffee/juice/water. 

    All these actions can lead to truck accidents. They are reckless and illegal, and considering the size of a truck, they can lead to accidents that cause a lot of damage and injuries. 

    • Bad Weather Conditions

    The weather condition influences the road experience. Rain, snow, and ice can make the road more dangerous, and with how large trucks are, they will be harder to stop on such roads. On top of that, cargo and tires can be affected by temperature changes. 

    All truck drivers must be trained properly for different weather conditions so they know how to manage them. They should be aware of how to slow down, break and do other actions in different weather conditions. They should also learn how to stay calm. Otherwise, a small mistake can lead to a very bad truck accident.

    Final Thoughts

    Distracted driving, bad weather, or road rage can all lead to truck accidents. Other times, poor truck maintenance or fatigued driving can result in severe truck accidents. It’s best to know how to manage all these situations to avoid getting into an accident and injuring yourself or others. 


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