5 Essentials You Need For Your New Puppy


    If you’ve finally decided to welcome home your very first fur baby, there’s no doubt you’re overwhelmed with excitement. 

    But even so, it’s crucial to prepare for your pup’s arrival with a few essentials. 

    Whether you’re getting a not-so-little great Dane pup or a miniature pomeranian that’s cute as a button, you’ll need these five essentials. 

    Pet Insurance

    Before bringing your new fur baby home, you’ll need to stop by your local vet for essential vaccinations, deworming, and a general health checkup. Moreover, your puppy will need to visit the vet for follow-up vaccinations and routine health checks. 

    These vet visits can become exceptionally costly, so it’s critical to prepare for these costs by opting for pet insurance. This unique insurance policy offers benefits that can cover various illnesses, hospitalization, surgeries, vaccinations, and more. So, it’s a wise choice for pet parents. 

    A Pet Bed

    Even if you plan on allowing your fur baby to sleep in your bed, it’s still important to let them have their own bed. 

    A pet bed serves as a safe space when you’re not home. The level of comfort and security a little bed brings a new puppy is immeasurable, and these beds are typically pretty affordable. It’s also wise to get a pet blanket.

    Chew Toys

    If you don’t want your puppy to ruin your shoe collection or your furniture, then it’s wise to invest in a variety of high-quality chew toys and puppy play toys. 

    Some of the best toys to opt for, according to pet experts, are interactive toys, ball launchers, plush toys, hardy chew toys, fetch toys, and tug ropes. 

    Food And Water Bowl

    Of course, your pet will need a food bowl and a water bowl. But when it comes to a water bowl, you have a few options. You can opt for a regular stainless steel water bowl or spend a bit extra on an automatic water bowl that refills itself. 

    You can also consider a feeding mat that will prevent your pup from messing with their food and water on carpeting or flooring. 

    Nutritious Puppy Food

    Lastly, you’ll also need to purchase a bag of puppy food. But with this, it’s best to avoid the cheapest pet food options because they lack nutrients and can cause digestive concerns like diarrhea and even vomiting. Instead, speak to your vet about the best pet food brand for your particular breed. 

    It’s also typically best to speak to your vet about puppy treat options because not all store-bought dog treats are healthy. 

    Bringing a puppy home is a heartwarming experience, but you must be prepared for the new addition to your family. Instead of getting your puppy first, it’s wise to invest in the essentials and then choose your puppy. 

    Once you have all the essentials, you might also want to consider the benefits of working with a certified dog trainer. These professionals will help you get through house training with less frustration, and you won’t need to worry about ongoing barking, destructive behaviors, and play training either. 



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