5 Signs that Indicate you Should Change your Car Tyres


    Every car owner understands the importance of taking good care of their vehicle. It is only when you maintain your car properly that it provides safety and comfort. Many people overlook the importance of tires when it comes to maintaining and servicing your vehicle. But do you know car tyres shouldn’t be ignored at all? 

    Car tyres include a component called tread. It refers to the tyre’s ability to maintain a strong grip on rough and wet roads. If your tyre’s tread is good, it can stop, accelerate, and turn easily on a road that doesn’t entertain perfect driving conditions. When your car tyres meet regular wear and tear, the tread also starts wearing out, thus compromising the tyre’s performance and becoming a safety hazard. 

    When you visit the visit the tyre shop, the mechanic will discuss the signs that highlight changing the car tyres. Here are some indications to watch out for. 

    Cracks on the Sidewall 

    When you check the tyres of your car, look for the visible crack on them. The cracks present on the sidewall of the tyre are a prior indication of a potential blowout. If you turn a blind eye to this, it will become dangerous, especially if you are speeding your car. Cracks in the car are the result of deterioration in the chemicals and oil in the rubber material. 

    Visit the tyre shop immediately when you notice cracks and get the problem fixed at the earliest. 

    Your Tyres are more than 5 Years Old 

    Car tyres have a lifespan. When you install new car tyres, they last around five years. Afterward, the rubber component begins to come apart, thus leading to cracks, blisters, and other problems. In some cases, your car tyres even meet a blowout. 

    Even if you think your car tyres are usable after five years of functioning, we advise you to change them for improved performance and safety. On average, car tyres last around 25,000 miles. It further depends on your car type and driving style. 

    Your Tyres make Strange Noises 

    Do you hear strange or peculiar noises from your tyres every time you start your car? If yes, it is a sign that your tyres are worn out, and you must replace them with newer ones. 

    A squeaking, whining, screeching or creaking sound indicates problematic tyres. Such noises occur when your tyre gets a puncture or starts cracking. The sound is also produced when there is a change in air compression. Do not disregard this noise, as it may lead to a tyre blowout. 

    Your Car Starts Vibrating 

    If you have been noticing excessive vibration in your car tyres while driving, there is an alignment or balancing problem with them. Tyre vibration is irritating. At the same time, it affects your judgment significantly, thus leading to accidents. 

    Do not ignore the vibration sound and visit a tyre shop at the earliest to replace your car tyres with newer and better ones. 

    There are Bulges and Blisters on Your Tyre 

    Apart from sidewall cracks, a damaged car tyre also shows bulges and blisters on the outer surface. The weakened area may lead to a sudden blowout, thus putting you at a greater risk of accident and injury. 

    Get your car serviced regularly and if you notice blisters and bulges during servicing, request your service provider to put new tyres for an improved and safe driving experience. 


    You must inspect your car tyres from time to time. We recommend checking the condition of your car tyres every four weeks, especially when you use your vehicle for your daily commute. While buying new car tyres, consider quality and a reliable brand name.  


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