5 Tips to Reduce Office Supplies Expense

    Office Supplies

    Every business has necessary expenses, and one example is office supplies. No matter how small the company, it’s possible to spend considerably on these goods. And if the business doesn’t monitor spending, the expenses can add up and affect the bottom line. So, how do you solve overspending? Here are tips on how to stay within budget and reduce office supplies expense.

    1. Have a solid inventory procedure in place

    Keeping track of stocks is the only way you can monitor spending. Without an efficient tracking system, you can easily overlook availability and buy more when there are still heaps in the stockroom. Before placing orders, you need to check your office supply inventory first. It helps when you have a system in place, or a routine when you need to check which items need replenishment. 

    In addition to an inventory system, store all office supplies in one place as much as possible. This way, tracking becomes more efficient and effective. Also, when you have a central storage room, you can eliminate clutter. You can easily dispense and organise supplies in one area, and always have a clear view of what you have and what needs restocking.

    1. Shop around and compare online suppliers

    These days, it’s just as easy to buy from an online supplier as it is from a local store. The advantage of shopping online doesn’t end with convenience. Online suppliers often have a more extensive product inventory. This means you can buy all your needs from one store – thus also reducing shipping expense. 

    Shopping online also gives you the opportunity to compare prices from different suppliers. You don’t need to limit your options to local stores in your area. Of course, this recommendation is best for companies that don’t have a regular supplier yet. When you find a reliable online supplier, you can build a business relationship and qualify for discounts once you become a regular customer. 

    Look for specials and discounts for one-off purchases

    If you’re in need of one-off items, do take the time to look for discounts and specials. You don’t need to buy from your regular supplier if it’s more expensive. However, you can still check if they will lower the price for a loyal customer. With one-off purchases, look for the best value you can get for your money especially if it isn’t a regular bulk order. 

    You can buy generic brands

    When it comes to office supplies, buying a generic product is a good way to save money. There are certain items when you don’t need an expensive brand. Of course, you need to ensure that you’re still getting good quality for your money. For instance, buying ink refills instead of original cartridges is cheaper and you won’t notice much difference in the quality. 

    Recycle unused office items

    Many companies store old office supplies such as computers and laptops. Even damaged chairs and other furniture go to storage, leaving them there to gather dust for years. A good solution to this problem is to consider recycling. There are many services that offer pay to recycle tech goods and old office furniture. This offers an opportunity to make money out of these items, and at the same time get rid of clutter. 

    With these tips, you can be sure to stay within budget.


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