6 Reasons Why Smart Business Cards Will Be the Most Popular Networking Tools in 2023


    Giving your smart business card is one of the best ways to create a brand identity and acquaint others with your product and services. As a result, the exchange of smart business cards has emerged as one of the popular networking tools to connect with prospective customers, product suppliers, and other businessmen. 

    It is a sophisticated way of introducing your business to the concerned person. After giving your card, you can initiate business talks with that person as he or she already has an idea about what you do. 

    According to the MRFR (Market Research Future), the smart business card market is expanding fast and is likely to touch the USD 242.3 Million figure at an 11.2% CAGR by 2027. The report further states that the growing use of smartphone users will further boost the use of digital business cards through SMS, email marketing, LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and QR codes. 

    Today, you’ll see almost all entrepreneurs carry business cards in their cardholders during business meetings, trade conferences, trade fairs, corporate seminars, and similar events where many business people gather. If the card given by you to someone evokes interest, that person will certainly contact you or may seek an appointment with you. Thus, you get a lead.  

    Here are the top reasons why smart business cards will be the most popular networking tools in 2023

    Sustainability in Business: If you are running a business, you wish to ensure its high longevity and sustainability. For this, you require robust public confidence, end-to-end business relationship, and the necessary framework to reach out to more people. 

    Your digital business card can help you meet all these requirements. Sustainability in business means you have a long list of associates, clientele, and others related to the business. In addition, your business card serves as an alternative source of your database.

    Augment Your Business Network: This is very important for your business. If you have established a wide network, you can also widen your business as you know whom to contact for prospective business deals. In this regard, your digital cards can be used as a valuable element to augment your trade or business. 

    Icebreaking In Business Relationship: Exchanging business cards is the first step for forging lasting trade relationships. If you are giving your card, the recipient of it knows about your nature of business and also gauges how important your company can be for his organization. Thus, business cards can act as one of the best methods of breaking the ice in forging relationships. 

    Product or Service Profiling: A well-designed visiting card, business card, or e-business can go a long way in advertising your product or services. You can highlight the specialties or benefits of your products and services. It can help the receiver of such a card to know what comparative business benefits he can reap by forging a business relationship with you. 

    Record Keeping: A digital or smart physical copy of a business card can help you much with record keeping. If you are giving your card to a businessman, he will keep it in his record and may call you back or send an email when he requires a particular commodity, goods, or services to be sourced. Thus, you are in the mind of the person whom you have given a business card. 

    Follow-Up Action: A business card given to someone may result in follow-up action that may help you optimize your sales. Interestingly, this follow-up action is both ways. If you have given a business card to another businessman, he may call or contact you when needed. At the same time, you can also call him either as part of your public relations and enquire if that particular person is interested in sourcing goods and services from your company.  

    In Conclusion

    You are creating the first impression upon someone about your company and its products and services. If someone is interested in a particular physical product or service and your visiting card says you offer it, they will instantly contact you. It can greatly help you enhance your sales and ROI.


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