6 Things To Avoid While Opting For LCL Shipping

    LCL Shipping

    In the era of globalisation, the world economy heavily relies on the smooth movement of goods and commodities across seas and oceans. The seamless flow of trade among the various nations helps in stabilizing the world’s economy. As we know, the resources are limited and its availability depends on various factors of LCL Shipping.

    The shipping industry is an essential part of global trade, it helps to meet the necessities and provide amenity to people living in different corners of the world. The global shipping industry is accountable for facilitating 90% of international trade. Without it, global trade, the transportation of raw materials and finished products in bulk, and export/import of essential goods would barely be possible.

    One such prominent name in ocean freight is LCL (Less Container Load) shipping, it is a method of shipping commodities popularly used by customers who want transport in small or limited quantities. LCL shipment is different from FCL (Full Container Load), which is mostly used by the bulk shipments.

    Depending on commodities, destinations, routes and requirements, the pricing of LCL may vary. The cost may be more or less than FCL. In LCL shipments, the container can be shared among different shippers. The cost is also determined by the volume rather than the weight of the goods and calculated by per CBM (cubic metre). Some crucial benefits of LCL shipping are the following:

    • Timely and flexible service: Managing the shipping duty will free up other workers. This way, they can manage other tasks more effectively.   
    • Cost-effective: Reducing the cost of shipping via LCL model is another important factor since the company pays for s small container space which is actually required.
    • Facilitates orders on demands: With LCL, you can experience a smooth flow of orders and deliveries.
    • Better Scheduling: Easy time management or scheduling is the ultimate aim of most companies, which can be done with the help of LCL.
    • Reduces inventory and warehousing cost: With smaller yet more frequent LCL shipments reduces warehouse expenses. Moreover, there will be no need to invest in a large inventory purchase.

    The shipping industry is the lifeblood of the global trade, LCL shipping is the prominent guiding force.

    Things To Avoid While Opting For LCL Shipping

    In the logistics industry, there is an unprecedented demand for LCL shipping. It is considered one of the most cost-effective and logistically advanced methods in the freight industry globally. Large corporations with limited or small cargo volumes opt for LCL shipments route. They only pay for a specific area inside the container that is occupied by their goods and sharing the rest with others. Being the most commonly used shipping method, there are some things to avoid before while opting for LCL shipping.

    Overweight Cargo or Heavy Goods

    LCL shipments are specifically designed for small or limited cargo. Its pricing depends particularly on volume, no on weight. Unevenly or bulky distributed cargo inside the container creates a huge problem while shipping. The container requires sharing, and thus the shippers need to be extra cautious to ensure the inventory is smoothly handled.

    Unreliable Forwarder on LCL Shipping

    Choose authentic shippers, who are reliable in LCL shipments. The merchant pays for the premium quality of shipping. The LCL shipping has many stoppages in the route because the cargo inside the container belongs to several parties. So, it is important to do business with the trustable and reputed forwarder.

    Inadequate Stuffing and Packaging

    It is essential to have proper packaging of goods, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Uneven distribution of products and improper stuffing is the common cause of damage. In addition, LCL shipping has multiple stoppages, so the shifting of goods requires extra effort. Hence, avoid such things while LCL shipping.

    Incomplete Bills and Documents

    Depending on the goods, its initial location, and end destination should be clearly mentioned in documents. As the LCL shipping has more than one stoppage, therefore it is important to have all the requisite bills and certification with custom clearance issues.

    Avoid Hidden Charges

    As the LCL shipments are shared by several parties. Read more here and book port to door service with your supplier. Many times the suppliers will ask for extra freight from the port to destination. The service to the door should be properly validated in advance. This will reduce the burden of the miscellaneous or hidden charges.

    Avoid Complexity and Inspection Difficulties for LCL Shipping

    Customs departments properly examine the containers that are being sent out of the country. The inspector examines the whole container regardless of the specific box, crate or pallet. Also, there are various other logistical complexities, such as the items being sent to another party. 

    In cutthroat competition, the shipping industry is in the transition period. The demand for secure and cost-effective shipping has given up hand to LCL shipments. The complex requirements of the merchandiser forced the logistics industry to come up with a resourceful method. One such prime example is LCL shipping option.


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