Headshot Tips and tricks to Look Professional & Impactful

    Look Professional

    Corporate headshots are very important for anyone in the corporate world. They are often the first thing a client will notice about you.

    Here are some ways you can make your corporate headshot look professional and impactful:

    1. Remember where the Picture Will Be Used

    It is very important to know where you’re going to be using the headshot. It can be for the company website, a business card, or even a LinkedIn profile. The reason it’s important to be clear about this is that there are different aspects that come into play depending on where the picture will be used.

    For example, if your headshot is of a vertical orientation, it might get tricky to properly crop it for a LinkedIn profile. Other factors like the lighting and background also vary depending on the use of the headshot.

    1. Dress to Impress

    Your headshot will create a lasting impression on every person who sees it. Therefore, it is important to be impeccably dressed for the picture. Don’t wear anything too flashy or something that stands out as an eyesore. Go with a crisply ironed outfit that you’ll wear for meeting a new client.

    Dress up like you are going for an important meeting – it will make you look active and give you a more natural look. Moreover, wearing clothes you feel comfortable and will help you feel relaxed and your corporate headshot will come out better.

    1. Keep Hair Style and Makeup Simple and Professional

    A corporate headshot will tell you a lot about your personality to the person who is looking at it. If you’re not properly groomed, you will give the impression of being callous and lazy. On the other hand, properly combed hair will make you look much more professional.

    Also, remember to keep your hairstyle and make-up simple. Anything too flashy will not give you the professional look that you’re aiming for.

    1. Maintain A Good Posture

    Not only does having a good posture mean better picture composition, but it’ll also make you look more professional. A solid posture reflects confidence and professionalism. If you’re not maintaining a good pose, you will come off as someone who’s lazy and unprofessional.

    You need to sit as if you’re having an in-person meeting or interview and need to showcase your most confident side.

    However, don’t try too hard as that will make you look stiff and unapproachable. Be relaxed, especially in your head, while sitting with a good posture.

    1. Choose a Simple Backdrop

    The headshot should be focused entirely on you. Going for a flashy backdrop will take the focus off you and act as a distraction for anyone looking at the headshot. It will also make you look unprofessional.

    A simple backdrop consisting of solid colors is the way to go. Make sure that the backdrop doesn’t contrast with your outfit as that will be another problem.

    1. Begin Preparing Earlier

    Something as important as a corporate headshot isn’t a one-day affair as most people think it to be. Firstly, you need to decide your look – the hairstyle, your outfit, etc. If you’re getting a haircut, make sure you get it done at least a few days prior to getting your picture taken.

    The other thing you need to keep in mind is to get plenty of rest before your headshot is taken. Being rested will ensure that you look fresh – giving you a more professional look.

    Also, make sure that you drink plenty of water in the days before the picture is taken as that will refresh your skin and help you look better and feel more confident in the headshot.

    1. Hire a Professional

    Getting corporate headshots right is extremely important. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to take the perfect headshot while managing the lighting and background. You want to have the best quality picture possible as that will make you look very professional. That is why it is important to bring in an expert.

    While following the above tips is crucial, your headshot won’t be a great one if it’s taken by an amateur. Hire experts for your corporate headshots Melbourne and your picture will reflect confidence and professionalism – helping you do better in the corporate world.

    Follow these tips carefully and you will be able to get a professional and impactful corporate headshot that will heavily benefit you in the long run. 


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