9 Top Technology-Based Ideas in 2021

    Technology-Based Ideas

    The idea of developing their business in the latest technologies captures the minds of many people. It is also facilitated by the trend towards remote work and automation of many processes. Digitalization covers all industries, and the leading positions are determined by developing innovative solutions. 

    The graphs of Statista for 2020 show that the share of businesses using technological innovations is increasing in each area.

    Now we look at the most interesting tech-based ideas that will blow up the market in 2021.

    1. Mobile application developer

    You don’t even need to write how popular mobile applications are now. At the same time, the development of such applications brings the software development company substantial income – both for the paid version of use and for advertising. It means that the salaries of mobile app developers are pretty high.

    If you have a great idea and know how to program, you can create your application yourself.

    2. VR / AR application developer

    The virtual reality software market is growing at a tremendous pace. What’s more, Techcrunch writes that mobile augmented reality could be the primary driver of the $ 108 billion VR / AR market, reaching $ 24.5 billion in revenue by 2021. 

    If you know how to develop virtual and augmented reality applications, then you can quickly become the one who will receive a part of this income. All you have to do is learn how to create immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences.

    3. Constructor of drones

    Drones are becoming more and more popular. It is no longer just a controllable toy with a camera:

    • Rescue services need drones to search for missing people and animals.
    • Drones help to carry out contactless delivery of goods.
    • Drones perform difficult work where it is impossible or dangerous for a person to get close or participate in drone races and competitions.

    If you know how to approach this exciting technology, you can start a profitable and demanded business.

    4. Supervisor of the charging station

    Electric transport is increasingly appearing on our streets, from cars and scooters – everything now requires electricity. Electricity charging stations are becoming very popular. Without them, the existence of electric transport is impossible.

    If you can have electricity and build a small charging station, you can use it for electric power vehicles for a small fee.

    5.3D printing services

    3D printing is also prevalent now and is a promising technology business today. All you need to become a part of this business is to invest in a high-quality 3D printer and offer your printing services.

    6. Repair of electric bicycles and electric scooters

    Electric bicycles and electric scooters are becoming available to the average city dweller. Increasingly, people choose electric transport to get to work, bypassing congestion and traffic jams quickly. 

    Most people buy e-bikes and scooters only when they know that they will have the necessary service that will help in the event of a breakdown of the vehicle. If you feel able to handle the challenge, this can be a terrific opportunity to become the most significant player in your area.

    7. Owner of a SaaS business

    Software as a service is a business model in which software is delivered by subscription. Your advantage here may lie in monthly revenue and complete control over the entire project. 

    Developing SaaS software takes time, skill, and effort. Moreover, if you have a proven custom software development team, it will not be difficult for you to start such a business.

    8. Smart home contractor

    Smart homes and the solutions associated with them are no longer an area of fantasy but the desire of many families.

    Modern innovative home solutions can do everything from remotely controlling light bulbs in your home to air conditioning and health monitoring apps on your smartphone.

    Since the possibilities are almost endless, you always need someone well-versed in setting up and maintaining such software.

    9. Web developer

    The demand for web developers is not falling but even growing. If you have the right skills, you can quickly start a web development services business. 

    Undoubtedly, any web developer should be aware of various frameworks, programming languages, and modern technologies. The good news is that training for such a specialist will not take much time and financial resources.

    Concluding Notes

    This list of Technology-Based Ideas is designed to help you get inspired and start your own business or expand the product line for your business. The list goes on and on – and that’s a plus for the technological future. Lots of daring entrepreneurs and startups are already following their dreams and embodying some of these ideas. 

    But that doesn’t mean you’re late – the world demands competing ideas and improvements to existing businesses.

    You can use a business idea from this list or combine several to create your own. In any case, it is essential to define your main goals and immediately start moving on. While you wait, someone is already taking their first steps towards a profitable business.


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