ABC News Is ‘Observing Marvel’s Stan Lee’ in New TV Special

    LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 27: Stan Lee attends Los Angeles City Hall Commemorates Friday October 28 As Stan Lee Day at Los Angeles City Hall on September 27, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic)

    ABC News and Marvel Entertainment have come together a year after the demise of the iconic Stan Lee to celebrate the life and legacy of the producer of the iconic comic. Partially filmed in front of a live audience at The New Amsterdam Theater in New York City, it took hours to make audiences feel special throughout the lifetime of the Marvel Universe.

    The incident will feature never before seen Lee’s own interviews and archive footage from both ABC News and Marvel archives. Marvel Studios will make appearances with Fox, such as Tom Hiddleston, Paul Bettany, and Kevin Feige, Kevin Smith, Bob Iger, Todd McFarlane, Mark Hamill, and more.

    Stan Lee is the co-creator of several iconic Marvel Comics heroes, such as Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men, and Black Panther.

    ABC News Is 'Observing Marvel's Stan Lee' in New TV Special
    ABC News Is ‘Observing Marvel’s Stan Lee’ in New TV Special

    On ABC Friday, December 20 (8:00 – 9:00 pm ET) celebrating Marvel’s Stan Lee.
    Marvel has posted about this news on its official Instagram page which makes the news more credible.

    Stan Lee (born December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018) was an American comic book writer, editor, publisher, and producer. She rose through the ranks of a family-run business to become the primary creative leader of Marvel Comics for two decades, expanding from a small division of a publishing corporation that dominated the comics industry.

    In collaboration with others at Marvel — particularly co-authors / actors Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko — they co-produced several popular fictional characters, including superheroes Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, The Fantastic 4, Black Panther, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, and Ant-Man.

    To do so, he pioneered a more natural approach to writing superhero comics in the 1960s, and in the 1970s he challenged the Comics Code Authority’s restrictions, leading indirectly to changes in his policies.

    In the 1980s he proceeded to develop Marvel properties in other media with mixed results. Following his retirement from Marvel in the 1990s, he remained a public figure for the company, and often for cameo appearances in films and television shows based on Marvel characters, upon which he received executive producer credit.

    Meanwhile, he continued independent creative ventures throughout the 90s, until his death in 2018.


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