Adobe Reveals its New AI powered Photoshop Camera : Details inside

    Adobe Reveals its New AI powered Photoshop Camera : Details inside
    Adobe Reveals its New AI powered Photoshop Camera : Details inside

    A new AI-powered app that directly integrates Photoshop tricks within your phone camera has been previewed by Adobe. This will further bring out your creative ability; just that this time around, it will all happen within your smartphone’s camera.

    Adobe showed off the preview of the new app called Photoshop Camera at its Max conference. The app is designed to bring Photoshop editing tricks and artificial intelligence directly to the camera on your smartphone.

    You will be able to capture, edit, and share photos on major social media networks the same way you do on other camera apps.

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    Adobe said the app uses its Sensei AI to recognize the subject in a photo and has the ability to recommend and automatically apply the best adjustment for a particular shot.

    In a press release, Adobe said: It also understands the technical content (ie, dynamic range, tonality, scene-type, face regions) of the photo and automatically applies complex adjustments.

    Adobe Reveals its New AI powered Photoshop Camera : Details inside
    Adobe Reveals its New AI-powered Photoshop Camera: Details inside

    Users will have access to Adobe’s creative community where they can have access to a curated feed of lenses made by famous artists and influencers.

    The Adobe Photoshop Camera is currently only available as a preview on iOS and Android. The company, however, adds that the app would not be generally available until 2020.

    The Photoshop Camera is currently only targeted at influencers and social media users rather than professional photographers.

    A couple of months ago, Adobe announced that it had developed a method that has the capacity to detect manipulated photos.

    This, by implication, means that Adobe has now come to understand the implication of its own technology that has for several years helped a lot of people manipulate photos.

    Adobe announced back in June that its latest effort is aimed at fighting fake news. The tools, according to Adobe, will help to detect if a photo has been manipulated or “photoshopped.” The tools will then be used to reverse the alteration to reveal the original photo.

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    Though, Adobe had long integrated image recognition tools into its Photoshop app—tools with the ability to prevent scans of photos of banknotes from being opened; experts believe that these tools are not without their shortcomings.

    The latest tool, however, is built with hyper-specific tasks. It has the capacity to detect each time a face is warped and manipulated through the software’s Face-Aware Liquify tool. With the tool, you can easily change the eyes, mouth, or entire face depending on your choice.

    This tool is the result of the company’s collaboration with UC Berkeley scientists who use machine learning to detect automatically each image of faces has been photoshopped.


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