Are lip injections right for you?

    lip injections

    Lip enhancements have become a notable part of the growing cosmetic fortitude. Many women, and even men, have tried the wonders of lip enhancements. One of the most prevalent lip enhancement approaches is lip injections which primarily uses dermal fillers.

    Lip fillers include a wide variety of aesthetic enhancements to help individuals achieve their aesthetic goals. This cosmetic technique helps improve the volume and shape of the lips. In some cases, it can also combat unwanted lines and wrinkles that otherwise make the lips look aged and dry.

    Just like any other cosmetic enhancement procedure, however, lip fillers may or may not be the most ideal treatment for you. If you want to know if Lip Fillers in Melbourne is right for you, I encourage you to read on and learn more about what it can and cannot do.

    First: Volume Up Your Lips

    Lip filler treatments in Melbourne are mostly used for volumization. If your family lineage suggests thin lips while you envy those girls with full and pouty lips, this treatment can help you achieve the lip volume you have dreamed of.

    For men and women who are experiencing thinning or receding lips because of age or perhaps some health conditions, lip fillers can help you get back those plump lips that you once have. However, for health issues, it may be best to consult with your physician before venturing into this facial enhancement.

    This can also help add volume to minor lip deformities caused by an injury or accident. Thus, if your lip lacks volume, lip fillers can be the most ideal solution to improve it.

    Second: Shape Up Your Lips

    Yes, you read it right!

    You can shape up your lips with lip fillers. The use of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers for the lips can help achieve a customized shape or contour that you desire. Some patients have wondered about having that well-defined lip contour that can mostly be achieved using lip liners.

    The continued advancement of lip enhancing techniques now offer lip contouring with the use of dermal fillers. Thus, you can achieve those natural-looking shaped lips in just half an hour or even less.

    Third: It is Non-Surgical

    In comparison with lip filler surgery, lip injections do not involve cuts, incisions, excisions, extractions or stitches. They are administered using small doses of gel-like substances injected into the lip area. Thus, there is no need for lengthy procedures, long hospital stays, and prolonged recovery periods.

    Isn’t that amazing?

    You can return to work immediately after the lip filler treatment or resume your regular activities. However, make sure that you do not just as yet engage in strenuous exercises or physical activities or those that involve heavy lifting.

    Fourth: Lip Fillers are Reversible

    You may be furrowing your brows right now but indeed, it can be reversed. Unlike surgical lip procedures, you can have your lips revert to their original shape or volume, in case you are not happy with the results of the lip filler treatment.

    Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are dissolvable with hyaluronidase. These are enzymes that work to catalyze hyaluronic acid into monosaccharides. Thus, eliminating the acid mucopolysaccharide contents of the fillers that cause the tissue integration.

    Fifth: NOT for Lip Reduction

    You may be wondering how come volumized lips with fillers can be reversed but cannot cause lip reduction. The use of hyaluronidase can only work with hyaluronic acid and not your lip tissues. Thus, it cannot work to reduce the size of your lips.

    In case you truly want to decrease the size of your lips, your cosmetic doctor may recommend lip filler surgery Melbourne or other lip enhancing techniques.

    Sixth: Fillers are Collagen Boosters

    Collagen is a naturally occurring chemical in the body that maintains the functionality of the bones, ligaments and skin. When collagen starts to deplete as you reach mid-age, your skin, bones, and ligaments tend to become more prone to many wear and tears. Thus, you will notice that as you age, your skin, including your lips become seeming dry and aged.

    Dermal fillers help boost the production of collagen underneath the skin. When your lips receive the fillers, they activate the collagen supply making your lips soft, supple and smooth.

    Seventh: It Softens Wrinkles

    Don’t you sometimes wish you have a whole year supply of lip shinners?

    When you apply lip shinners, they seem to reduce those pesky lines and wrinkles on the lips that cause them to look dry and aged. The good news is, you can have those pesky lines softened with lip fillers.

    When collagen and elastin are stimulated by lip fillers, hydration is induced as well. This, in turn, keeps the lines and wrinkles from forming or developing. Thus, making your lips, looking naturally smooth, supple and youthful.

    Eighth: Results are Temporary

    Having temporary results is not really a disadvantage for lip fillers. This is because people continuously age despite any cosmetic treatments that they have undergone. Whether you opt for surgical or non-surgical approaches, you will continue to age and there is nothing you can do about it.

    In this light, the temporary nature of dermal fillers become an advantage as it entails cost-efficiency. Getting lip surgery will not exempt you from ageing and when the time comes that signs of ageing creep up once again, the permanent results of lip surgery will seemingly become temporary.

    While the results of lip fillers are temporary, subsequent treatment sessions can result in accumulated effects. Thus, making lip fillers a better option in improving the aesthetic of your lips.

    Ninth: FDA-approved Lip Fillers

    Dermal fillers for the lips such as hyaluronic acid are approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA to be safe, effective and reliable for combating lip woes in men and women.

    To ensure that you are getting FDA-approved lip fillers or dermal fillers in general, they should constitute any of these 4 types of fillers:

    • Hyaluronic Acid or HA;
    • Calcium hydroxylapatite;
    • Poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA; and
    • Polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA microsphere beads.

    Tenth: Administered by Professionals Only

    FDA encourages patients, men and women alike, to find a lip filler provider who is licensed and highly trained to administer fillers. This can help ward off any chances of risks and complications. Getting lip fillers from non-professionals may lead to filler migration, vascular occlusions, lip necrosis, and other adverse effects.

    Board-certified cosmetic doctors underwent extensive training and studies about the human skin anatomy, including the lips. Thus, they are equipped with accuracy and proficiency in administering lip injections to ensure your safety and comfort.

    I hope these 10 pointers have helped you understand what lip fillers can and cannot do for you.

    So, do you think lip injections are right for you?

    If you do, it may be best to visit your trusted cosmetic doctors in Melbourne to help you achieve the lip aesthetics that you desire. You no longer need to ogle over the pouty, full and sexy lips of many celebrities because you can also have them.

    SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors in Melbourne is the leading provider of lip injections. They use only the highest quality of FDA-approved lip fillers coupled with the most advanced cosmetic technology. All our doctors are licensed to provide lip injections backed by years of experience and a roster of satisfied clients.

    If you want to know more about Lip Fillers sydney and if it is the right treatment for your lip woes, visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors today!


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