Are people still buying print magazines?

    Are people still buying print magazines

    Electronic and print media

    A magazine is a collection of multiple items including photographs, essays, fiction, and stories. It has many things that suit the person with versatile literary taste. It is usually available on weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Books and magazines are the most important form of print media. The tradition of magazines is traced back to the 16th century while Doctor Johann is considered to be the pioneer launching the first magazine in 1663. The fear has always persisted that the latest technology signals the demise of books and magazines. But it must be considered that the books and magazines are also forms of technology, that is spread over the pages. 

    Radio, television, and the internet are great sources of knowledge. They provide us with all the information available around the world. The use of the internet has revolutionized the world. Soft books are important but experts recommend hard copies in the form of paper for a better understanding of ideas. It doesn’t mean that e-books are not beneficial but they cannot compete with the comfort and convenience offered by conventional books and magazines. 

    Digital citizens and traditional writing

    We still remember the school days when we used to wait for the arrival of the monthly subscribed magazine. It was a great opportunity to read moral stories, jokes, special serial fiction, and even writings of our lucky friends whose efforts were published. This printed materials was a source of joy, and each time it roughly took us about a week to study. The use of technology has changed the habits of new generations but magazines are still printed and are being sold in huge quantities. 

    All the renowned institutes issue monthly or annual magazines which inform about the performance of the organizations, its achievements, appreciation for the excellent performance, and stories to motivate the new professionals who have just started their professional life. Writers still write excellent pieces of wisdom, pleasure, and motivation. New books and magazines have been arriving on a daily basis and the readers are buying according to their taste. 

    Forbes magazine is a business magazine that is published eight times a year. Established in 1917, the magazine is still considered to be an authentic source of information, entertainment, and clarification. It covers the prominent fields of business investment, marketing, industry, and much more relevant to international finance conditions. There are 5.8 million readers of Forbes magazine and over 69 million Americans visited Forbes’s website in 2020. This is a huge population indeed, readers of just one magazine taken as an example here. 

    The students have their purpose, the investors read to gain knowledge about the market, the industrialists want to know the ups and downs of the industry, and other people want to know the latest changes and updates in their relevant fields. There are about 50 renowned international magazines whose visitors and subscribers are in millions. Professionals and beginners in a field wait for the latest arrival of advancements in the field. They read these magazines to update their knowledge and new opportunities to excel. This is necessary to step forward in their professional life.

    Benefits of reading printed magazines

    The reasons and benefits for buying and reading magazines might be different for persons but it is understood that magazines are bought and read enthusiastically even in this age of electronic media. Though all these benefits can be attained through electronic media, magazines are more soothing than any other news and information media. The benefits given below are lasting and have a constructive and positive role in our life. 

    Improved vocabulary

    Vocabulary is the word bank that a person uses to express his feelings, ideas, and emotions. Vocabulary is an essential tool for speech and it gives an easy vent to our hidden talent. Magazines use elegant and sublime language to convey news, information, entertainment, and literature presented to give an insight about the right selection of words. These magazines are published under the kind guidance of senior editors who know how to express the information sophisticatedly. Pompous and cultural words, proverbs, idiomatic phrases, and the use of new terms help to build the vocabulary of the reader. The readers learn how to define ideas in minimum words and how to use simple and embellished language.  

    Improved writing skills

    Ideas are decided before the writing process starts. The magazine readers can have the chance to read multiple genres at the same time and at the same place. A magazine has a collection of related ideas to a particular field and the writers have experience of decades, it becomes easy for the young writers to have guidance from the monarchs of their field. They learn how to coin new terms and how to adjust the sayings of philosophers in their words. The stories and events told by the senior writers give a way to express ideas in an influential and effective way. The writers can have more illustrative examples to write reports, essays, stories, fiction, and other types of literature by reading magazines. 

    Up-to-date knowledge

    The magazines are a concise and comprehensive source of knowledge. Different segments of magazines enable the readers to have up-to-date knowledge of the different factors of society. There is knowledge about commerce & industry, lifestyle & fashion, business & investment, and education. The versatile knowledge makes magazines an encyclopedia of the world. Above all, the knowledge given in the latest edition is based on the latest facts and figures which depict the true picture of the world. The world is changing at a rapid pace. A normal being cannot keep pace with it without a brief and summarized knowledge. Magazines are the best sources to provide a summary of changes taking place around the world.

    Latest research patterns

    Researchers have always tried to simplify the Gordian knots of human life. The way they work, changed over time. New tools, techniques, and terms are being used to express the process of research. The readers of magazines learn how the world of research is changing and how new ideas are being added to the field of science and technology. Under the process of new projects, an update of ongoing products is conveyed through an effective medium. People don’t have time to read daily about the changes, the specific forums of magazines enable the readers to learn about their areas of interest. 

    Good speaking skills

    The magazines enable a person to improve their speaking skills. The vocabulary, presentation style, stress, and intonation enhance the speaking power. A person learns how to organize ideas intermingled in the mind. Effective and influential communication is possible through reading the magazines. Moreover, the information and ideas about specific fields give great confidence to speak about them. 

    Critical and analytical thinking

    Books and magazines play an important role to develop the critical and analytical abilities of a person. Magazines give deep knowledge about the things around us. The details enable to widen the horizons of learning and research. People start to think the way they read. 


    The use of technology has affected our lives to great extent. The benefits of information and communication technology cannot be denied but it has affected our concentration beyond the limits. Magazines and books are sources to retrieve our focus and concentration. They play a vital role to improve our lives indeed. 


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