Ariana Grande: Is Romance With Miley Foster Over?

    Ariana Grande: Is Romance With Miley Foster Over?
    Ariana Grande: Is Romance With Miley Foster Over?

     Ariana Grande is probably back on the market. According to the news, the former Nickelodeon star and her boyfriend Mickey Foster, who had been in love with Khamoshi for eight months, are “no longer dating.”

    A source told Us Weekly that the 26-year-old singer/actress and the half-musical duo of Social House ended their romantic talk “about a month ago”. However, there is no reason why the ancient lovebirds decided to separate.

    Ariana Grande (26) doesn’t really want to work with the men. She has been associated with Mikey Foster (32) for months and in February they strolled hand in hand through Disneyland. Now the affair should be over again.

    Ariana Grande: Is Romance With Miley Foster Over?

    An alleged confidant reported to “Us Magazine” that Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster “no longer date”. Already “about a month ago” the two are said to have decided to go their separate ways again.

    The relationship between the two was never officially confirmed anyway, Ariana and Mikey have always been together in the past and that is very familiar. They held hands, hugged each other and exchanged little tenderness.

    Unlike Arianna’s previous widely publicized romantic relationship, she and Mickey kept their relationship relatively under the radar. They never publicly commented on their relationship, but there was speculation when they were photographed enjoying a date in early February in Disneyland, California.

    Grande and Foster have known each other for many years, recorded a song together and Mikey and his band Social House were the opening act on their tour.
    The former “Big Brother”, later retracted her remarks, claiming that her sister was “too single.”

    He explained: “My comment about our recent meeting as friends was not meant to be interpreted literally. There was an appointment between Hale and me, so I referred to it as a double date when we had plans with them. Was, without realizing what was happening.


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