Cat Meme: 40 times cats go overboard to blow up the internet

cat meme

The World of Memes has become an important part of us. From consistently scrolling our screens to finding the right cat meme to describe relatable and universal feeling, cat memes work perfectly. Recently in 2019, women yelling at cat memes blew up the internet. It still is! 

However, the 2020 cat meme world has brought us more treasure. This treasure is to make us laugh and forget our tensions for a while. Thus, at this platform today, we are bringing you 20 times in which cats go overboard to blow up the internet.

To begin with, cats are just like human beings, except they are all cute. However, whenever you meet a cat owner, they all have different experiences. Some cats are cute. Others act rude. Some are mean. But, some are extremely possessive. Thus, unlike dogs, the quality and volume of cat meme on the internet is very high. 

From smudge the cat memes to white cat memes, we have shortlist 30 cat memes that will never go out of trend. Let’s begin:

Yelling at cat memes explained!

women yelling at cat meme

This is one of the most latest and trending cat memes in 2020. In this cat meme, a woman is crying and yelling at the cat. On the other side of the meme, a while cat is sitting at the dinner table and looking confused with her eyes shrunken. It appears like a woman is mad at cats for all the attention. Thus, this meme came out in the form of following memes:

cat meme

This meme came out to be the most diverse and generated cat meme. For example, in the above meme, there is relationship sarcasm that sounds funny, yet, common. However, what makes it funny is the cat’s expression.

meme 2020

This cat meme yelling at a cat expresses a spell-malfunction humour. This defines the habit of humans to read things in two ways: actual way and dirty way. Without a doubt, a little dirty way is not too shabby for a little LOL on the internet. 

2020 meme

This ‘woman yells at cat meme’ is amazing if you pay a little attention. In this version, the woman is using the wrong contraction of ‘you are.’ Well. It is not funny if you need an explanation. So, Good luck!

The Surprised Cat Memes

shocked cat

Look at this surprised cat. Well! When you look at her, you will brainstorm many real-time moments where you yourself have felt as surprised at her. To begin with, surprised cats make an amazing series of memes. Check these out.


This Cat meme explains the expression of a mother when it comes to her attention that her child is cursing in the next room. Well! That’s very uncommon these days. But, yes. It reminds me of my childhood when cursing was one of the biggest offences in my family. To be honest, as a 4 year old, I sounded cute. 

Another surprised cat with her chin-up had brought the internet down to its knees and once again, explored the art of cat meme generator. Let’s take a glimpse:


This cat meme template is one of the highest regenerated cat memes on the internet. Are you eager to have a good laugh? If yes, let’s take a look:

2020 meme

To begin with, cats are not very big fans of veterinarians. Hence, whenever I go to a vet with my cat. She seems to shock with her eyes wide and chip-up everytime the vet speaks. It is like she understands what he is saying! This cat meme makes it relatable. Am I right cat owner?

cat 2019

Suggested dialogues for this cat meme:

  • “But, I am the boss here!”
  • “I thought humans are!”
  • “I am not the owner?”
  • “What do you mean?”

cat meme

This cat meme will make you eager to change your playlist from public to private. 

meme 16

To begin with, you can’t tell the difference much nowadays. But, this cat is as shocked as a 20 year old on a date with a 16 year old. He ain’t getting any tonight. Lol. 

The High Cat Meme

One of the amazing parts of modern age is that people can openly talk about “being high” on social media. Of course, our world has not aged enough to openly deal on joints, and marjuana. However, it has come far. As a matter of fact, you may not be high, but your cat can be! Cats and high? Well. Let’s take a look at this high cat with a cigar in her mouth.

meme 2020

Furthermore, these cats are definitely high as they cannot figure out whether or not they are upside down on the carpet. Or, maybe, it is just one of the media illusions. Anyways, it is enough for a good laugh. 

drunk cats

These cats had some good times last night. 

catnip meme

My Friend as soon as he hit the second puff. 

This cat meme must remind you of one of those friends who get high as soon as the night starts. This is their idea of great times. Some high and instant naps. 

cat M

“I swear I thought it was ASPIRIN” is one of the trending cat memes. If you get more ideas, share them with us in the comment section. Till then, stay high on reading!

Cute Cat Memes

Cats and cute? Yes. they are. To begin with, their expressions make you go “AWWWW!!!” Yet, sometimes, their cute expressions make a perfect way to explain our daily troubles. It makes us laugh and relate on a human level. 

This cat meme explains why you and everyone hate mondays. They are the first day of the week. After a weekend off work, everyone feels lazy to go to the office or grocery shopping on a monday. Even though it is shiny and sunny outside, you cannot leave work and go out for fresh air. Sad, isn’t it? But, this cute cat meme makes it better. 

lazy cat

This is some of us looking for inspiration to get out of bed every other day.

The Cat-Dog jealousy and possessiveness is never over.

cat meme

“Who rolled all the toilet paper all at once?”


cat love

This is “You” every time while purchasing a new iPhone. PS: Cameras don’t work on ugly faces. 

How about ‘not sneaking next time’ kitten?

Foodies Vs. Food bloggers. Enough with the pictures!!! I am hungry, I need this food. Relatable?


This cat meme perfectly portrays the mixed feelings of introverts. They want to go and hang out, but also want to eat all day, Netflix, and sleep randomly. Oh! You are all lazy, so am I!

cat meme

Cats running around the house at 3 a.m. Nobody knows why! 

It is Christmas time! Time to manipulate the family against dogs. This Christmas, we cats get all the presents from Santa. 

cat running at 2am meme

Cat meme explained: Cats are like Fast and Furious at night. 

  • *My cat sees Garlic Bread*
  • I am FAST as fuck boi.


Cat: B! B! I take option B. 

I don’t know how I got in there!


  • Help! Help! 
  • Do a favour me this time, it will not happen next time.

I do not know about the food chain. However, in my personal experience, Cat scares the Dog. 

  • “That friend who laughs at his own jokes” meme. 
  • “When you remember something your BFF said last night.”

Everytime you gain weight, you tell yourself…


Suggested cat meme dialogues:

  • Brother: You are Fat.
  • Me: Trust me, I am Fluffy, not fat.

Crying Cat Meme

Crying cat memes relate to us in a way that we often feel relaxed that what we go through, everyone goes through. These memes create a positive energy and cause us not to stress over small setbacks in life. 


BFF: I am done with your problems. 

ME: … *meme*

Cat Meme explained: This meme defines oversensitive people. To be honest, there is no harm in becoming emotionally overwhelming. Hope this meme makes your day a little better.


Cat meme explained: When you know you have got to get up early in the morning. Yet, you keep scrolling through memes and now, you have only two hours to sleep.


Suggested cat meme dialogues:

  • “BUT You said I am fluffy, and you love it!”
  • “10 Days of Lockdown.”
  • “When Hachi the dog comes on.”
  • “When I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S last episode for the 200th time.”


“I am BROKE, Can you give me some food, Mr. Homeless?”

“Me uploading my new display picture, expecting to talk to 3-4 girls at a time.”

cat on diet meme

  • “That friend who orders salad in a restaurant because she is on a diet.”
  • “When she promised Biryani but Corona has not over.”
  • “Prom is coming and you want to fit in that DRESS.”
  • “Two hours after New Year diet resolution.”

meme4“I AM ALWAYS SAD.” Tag that friend in comment.

  • “Your friend in front of your parents.”
  • “My brother confessed to my father how he’d hit me after I hit him.”
  • “At that time when I want mom to buy me candy in the store.”

plan cat

  • “Point in life when you have a 7 a.m lecture in the morning.”
  • “That moment when you have plans with friends because you thought they will cancel eventually. And, now, you got to go.”
  • “Moment when you tell mom you have a stomach ache, but, she still sends you to school.”
  • “When no one picks you for a school project.”

Thug Cat meme


Cat meme: combination of cuteness and thug life.


“CATNIP is my drug.” meme.


You were right Carl. Humans do not land on their feet. 


Cat meme explained: Thug way to say Good morning.




Seems like Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Lil Wayne are ready for 2020.


“This cat is wanted alive..”


“I cannot hurt her, she is cute. She might eat me though. Let me in!”

How to make cat memes?

Check out the following stepwise guide to make Cat meme using Adobe photoshop:

  1. To begin with, Create an idea. Humour is important to make a cat meme.
  2. Write down meme dialogue in your notes.
  3. Download cat meme template that fits your humorous dialogues.
  4. Now, Open Adobe Photoshop and add the cat meme template for editing purposes.
  5. Furthermore, click on the “Add text” option.
  6. Write dialogues.
  7. Further, click the save button.
  8. Proofread whether or not your cat meme is understandable.
  9. Now, Download the cat meme.
  10. Share it with friends and on social media platforms. 

What are different cat meme generators?

Following is the list of cat meme generators:

  • ImgFlip
  • Kapwing
  • Raspberry Pi Projects
  • Meme maker
  • Meme creator
  • Barka
  • Make a Meme
  • Vexel
  • LiveAbout
  • Coderwell
  • Soup Meme
  • Cat Daily News
  • FooxStudio

How to design a meme idea?

One of the most significant steps to design a meme is brainstorming. Likewise a creative artist, a meme designer also needs to explore his surroundings. For example, to create a cat meme. Thus, You must explore a cat’s behaviour. If you do not own a cat, you cannot figure out different habits of cats that are extensively funny, annoying, rude, or cute. 

For the most part, to design a cat meme, you can also use personal cat pictures and make these moments with your pet immortal. Thus, akin to cat memes like the woman yelling at cat, smudging the cat, the crying cat, or the shocked cat; you cat can also be famous. 

Hence, to design a meme idea for a cat, you can wait for the moment when your cat gives a funny expression. Also, you can do something that causes her to act funny. Hence, it is all a matter of how close your cat is to you. Good luck for your idea!


Q: What is a cat meme, and why are they so popular?

A: A cat meme is an image, video, or text that features a cat and is humorous, relatable, or cute. Cat memes are so popular because they can make people laugh, smile, or feel better, and they can express various emotions, opinions, or situations.

Q: What are some of the most famous cat memes?

A: Cat with prosthetic hands shows cats with tiny fake human hands in different poses.

The overly attached cat shows a cat with a photoshopped smile and a creepy caption.

A scared cat shows a cat with a terrified expression and a scary scenario.

Q: Where can I find more cat memes to enjoy or share?

A: You can find more cat memes to enjoy or share on various websites, blogs, forums, or social media platforms dedicated to cat memes or cat lovers. Some examples are I Can Have Cheezburger, Suddenly Cat, Cheezburger, and Ranker.

Cat Meme Epilogue

Are you ready to make some cat memes? It is time to know your cat from a funny prospective. Do you know? In U.S.A, people pet cats more than dogs. Well! No offence, puppy faces are just as cute as kittens. But, it is a fact that dogs make a perfect video to discover his loyalty towards the owner. However, cats give out an outstanding photos collection that will give you a high-end meme idea.

Hence, Do you have a collection of funny expressive cats? Therefore, share your best cat moments with us online and cherish those moments with other cat lovers online.



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