Black Mirror Season 6? Has Netflix Renewed The anthology? Here’s Every Detail Of It


    In an interview with Charlie Brooker, the writer & creator of the popular sci-fi web series Black Mirror, and the one of its kind movie Bandersnatch hinted towards the continuation of the story. Here’s what you need to know. 

    Black Mirror is a complicated sci-fi movie that became popular due to its relevance in the times when we are witnessing technological advancements. Black Mirror is a Netflix original with 5 series and 22 episodes in total. The web series despite getting darker every season only intrigued the audience for its ability to play with the mind, credits to the mind-boggling writing of the series. 

    The master pair Brooker and Jones (Annabel Jones,  the producer of the show) has proven to be extremely successful with the series, who took the Netflix Originals challenge literally to come up with something absolutely original. But the surprise came when they released a virtually interactive movie. 

    Black Mirror Season 6 Has Netflix Renewed The anthology Here’s Every Detail Of It


    This movie is Bandersnatch, which is actually in continuation with the Black Mirror Series. The specialty of the movie is, you can choose the ending. The climax changes according to your choice, reflecting real life. The film received a lot of appreciation for the novelty and the thought behind it. 

    So when asked in an interview if we could expect the pair of Brooker and Jones to come together again for another season of Black Mirror, which will be the 6th season, Brooker said, playing with the theme, keeping it complicated, Yes. But, he added, it could be a one-off or an ongoing story or even a spin-off. Only hinting towards a new series but may not be too. 

    The last season of Black Mirror, released in June 2018, and if we are to expect season 6, and Netflix does announce the renewal of the Black Mirror Anthology production, the season will take time at least till later 2020 for the making to get over and release.


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