Bottle Cap Challenge


    Have you tried out the bottle cap challenge yet? Or wait, you haven’t yet heard about it? 

    If you fall in the second category, then you must know that the bottle cap challenge is been up for a while now.  It all started from the 25th of June when Taekwondo fighter and instructor, Farabi Davletchin posted his amazing kick on a bottle online. 

    Following this, the well-renowned actor Jason Statham also got involved in the challenge and posted a slo-mo video of taking the challenge up. It can be rightly said that the bottle cap challenge is a worthy successor of the kiki challenge. 

    Within this short span of time, a lot of celebrities have picked up the challenge. The list includes Max Holloway, a well know Polynesian American mixed martial art person and of course, John Mayer who was challenged by Holloway. But Mayer had some style and used it to give a clean shot at the bottle cap!  

    Thus, it has become so famous, and almost everyone is trying it. 

    So to take up this challenge all you need is a bottle with its lid loosely set and of course someone ready with a camera to shoot you. 

    Now, coming to the main part, you have to clean off the lid placed on top of the bottle with a clean circular kick in martial style. Its called a “roundhouse”.Though this sounds relatively easy in theory, it’s really hard to pull off and you require some strong skills to do it. 

    However, if you know and have been active on social media, the bottle cap challenge is not the only challenge that has caught so much attention. There have been quite a few challenges in the past which were pretty amazing some of which includes the  Mannequin challenge, triangle dance, 10-year challenge, and the ice bucket challenge. 


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