Business English Courses


    Are you planning to move abroad and/or work for an international company? This section gives you all the basics you need for success without any hitches in the English-speaking world of work! As business English is at a reasonably advanced level.

    Student Profile

    This Business English course program is designed for finance, marketing, and international trade people who want to strengthen their English skills. These English courses are business-oriented and allow you to learn specific vocabulary or be comfortable in certain conversations during meetings, phone calls, business trips, etc. Our English lessons are private and are aimed at individuals of all levels, for companies or individuals.

    Advantages Of This Program

    The Business English course program allows you to regularly discuss business and negotiation-related topics with a teacher. With regular lessons, speaking English will become more and more evident. This program is also rewarding for the following reasons:

    • Program adapted to the availability of individuals
    • Personalized courses according to specific needs and field of activity
    • Learning objectives determined between you and the teacher
    • Journey at your individual pace
    • Courses available for students of all levels
    • Frequent assessments to observe the progress
    • Exercises and homework (if necessary) to consolidate knowledge

    Subjects Discussed

    In this program, the professor addresses trade, marketing, and finance subjects: writing an estimate or calls for tenders, setting up a marketing strategy, negotiations… Usually, the first courses aim to get to know the student better and allow the teacher to identify the student’s needs. These exchanges in English will allow you to develop automatisms, ease in the event of presentations in English, grammatically correct sentence structures, and enrich your vocabulary specific to the business world.

    Course Duration

    Lesson times are flexible! Classes are given at the frequency and time most convenient for the student. This allows you to choose your lesson times according to your working hours or business trips abroad. Before taking one-hour classes, students usually choose to start the program with a 30-minute class to get used to conversing in English.

    Tips To Improve Your Business English

    Mastering the English language offers definite advantages in the business world. Whether you are a recent graduate, looking for a new professional opportunity, or in the process of retraining, business English can become an asset allowing you to stand out.

    The number of companies that choose to conduct interviews in English is increasing. Then, the language of Shakespeare allows you to apply for various positions in the international labor market. Knowing English increases your chances of professional development within the same company or another.

    Knowing how to communicate in English, both orally and in writing, allows you to expand your professional network and improve your working relationships. Remember that English is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world. Its mastery is therefore essential during your business trips. Also, countless sources of qualitative documents are in English.

    View English Content Related To Their Area Of ​​Expertise

    Listening to content in English regularly offers many advantages in learning the English language. Watching series and specific programs (news, weather, etc.) in English helps to enrich the vocabulary of everyday life. To get used to words related to professional life, you can use dedicated platforms such as Apple Podcast or Spotify.

    The Internet offers content on all themes affecting the world of work. The best is to listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos related to your field of activity. Podcasts like Entrepreneurs on Fire, The Economist, and The Digital Marketing Podcast are some of the best.

    Note that listening is essential to focus on pronunciation, accents, and sentence structure. Also, take note of new words and phrases you hear so you can learn business English faster.

    Learn The Basics Of Writing A Business Letter Salutation

    Since the letter is one of the most used means of communication, learning how to write it is essential when taking a business English course. In this sense, you should know the elements of a business letter salutation in English:

    • Mail object,
    • Greeting,
    • hook,
    • Request/information,
    • form of thanks,
    • Conclusion

    Before sending a message by business letter salutation, it is advisable to carefully check all the elements.

    Subscribe To Newsletters In English

    To learn English faster, reading is often recommended. Watching videos allows you to enrich your vocabulary and learn new expressions daily. To improve your level of professional English, it is advisable to include a time to read various documents in English in your schedule.

    To master business English in a shorter time, it is essential to integrate it into your habits. Blog articles, newspaper articles (New York Times, Daily Telegraph, BBC News, etc.), specialized sites in English, etc. The Internet offers you everything you need to know the words and expressions related to your business in English.

    In addition, posts in English related to various business sectors are available on professional social networks such as LinkedIn. It is also essential to focus on acquiring specific vocabulary related to your job. Give priority to news concerning your sector (Human Resources, Management, Digital Marketing, Commerce, Communication, Education, etc.).

    Take Online Business English Lessons With Certified Teachers

    Starting to learn a new language often comes with a certain amount of fun. Motivation is generally at the top at the start of learning, whether self-taught or not. However, to avoid becoming discouraged over time, it is essential to benefit from appropriate support. Only a qualified and certified teacher can provide such support.

    Taking an online English course helps you learn business English faster. The sooner you master Shakespeare’s language, the sooner you can update your resume with a new string to your bow. Italki provides you with an experienced online English tutor who has the qualities to teach you the language skills you need to take the next step in your career. An online language course gives you a massive advantage in terms of flexibility. Indeed, you choose a teacher, and he adapts to the schedule that suits you. You don’t have to travel, which saves you time and money.


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