CBD Lubricant: An Industry of ever-growing applications

    CBD Lubricant

    CBD may have only been around a few years in most countries, but the impact it has had has been far-reaching. In fact, it may be because it’s such a new, legal product that there has been so much room for product development in such a small window of time.

    Around 5 years ago, most people had never heard of CBD oil, or that it’s derived from the cannabis plant but without the psychoactive THC compound. The most anti-drug, conservative of people are now filling their boots with the stuff after being reassured by scientific reports that it doesn’t contain the same negative side effects that cannabis has.

    It takes a truly useful resource for people to come together and agree on something, and the result has been a CBD industry that has grown in the US from $108 million worth of CBD sales to $1.918 billion in 2022 – increasing by a factor of almost 18. Sites like thehempphilosophy have blown up in popularity.

    In that short space of time, not only has our knowledge about the product grown but the products themselves. Here is a rundown on the latest applications of CBD as well as some other elements of its product design.

    CBD Lubricant

    This is where seemingly novel collaborations are made, but they often seem to work due to the flexibility of CBD. CBD lubricant is perfect evidence that CBD product development shows no signs of slowing down, yet has genuine applications in many different areas of health and wellness.

    Aimed initially at alleviating pain during sex, CBD oil succeeds in its basic goal of offering an intimate lubricant that promotes sensitivity and everything that a lubricant should do. However, you can enjoy your sexuality with CBD oil products in other ways due to the effects of the CBD itself, such as being a relaxant for those who get performance anxiety – a huge issue among erectile dysfunction sufferers – as well as offering pain relief.

    This is where CBD really shines because it is a very natural product that can be used to treat health issues in a non-medicated, natural way, but its positive side effects mean that it often doubles up on its benefits. So, why use face creams for acne and take herbal medication as a relaxant when you can use one product: CBD cream. CBD lubricant offers similar advantages.

    CBD product development

    If you really think about it, there are many other benefits of CBD too, meaning that a simple lubricant could be benefiting life in unpredictable ways. For example, many couples have sex before sleep, yet we know that CBD is proven to help aid sleep. Many people report waking up fewer times when taking CBD oil, feeling less groggy the next day, as well as having reduced anxiety, which is a known obstacle to sleep. 

    When considering that PTSD, epilepsy, depression, chronic pain, arthritis, acne, ALS, and many other health conditions are reported to be soothed by CBD, it’s no surprise that businesses are looking to put CBD in any product they possibly can. If you’re going to have a multivitamin, why wouldn’t you have a CBD multivitamin?

    CBD oil on its own can be a bit bitter and boring for some. This has brought on a new wave of ideas on the funniest, easiest ways to consume the substance to ingest it regularly and without fuss. CBD lubricant may just be the most novel, but here are some ways to consume CBD:

    • CBD Wine (Cannawine)
    • CBD Water
    • CBD sausages
    • CBD gummy bears
    • CBD Infused tampons
    • CBD Toothpicks
    • CBD Candles
    • CBD Face masks
    • CBD Jumpsuit

    Granted, it’s difficult to see how CBD could take a great physiological effect on the person using some of these, but scent and placebo alone can work wonders. Products like lubricant and face masks have a better chance of partially absorbing into your bloodstream through the skin. 

    Does CBD have any negative side effects?

    We’re often told, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. With CBD, there are some downsides to putting it in every product. Mostly, this is related to cost, as a CBD face cream can often be more expensive than a typical face cream (though not always). For this cost, you want to be sure that it’s actually helping you. 

    Well, there have been some randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies that have shown “clinically important improvements in pain and sleep quality”. So, whilst some reports of CBD benefits will have some placebo involved, there are studies to prove there are tangible benefits. 

    As for negative side effects, the very same study claimed there were no new safety concerns. Some reports are a reduction in appetite, drowsiness, diarrhea, and dry mouth, but not having a tolerance for CBD is pretty rare – most people receive no negative side effects.


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