Cheap Way to Block Heat From Windows- 10 Effective Ways

Place a rug on Windows

The heat of the sun can warm your house to an uncomfortable level. Therefore, we often look for different ways to block the heat and cool the temperature in our homes. However, we may find some ways to combat outside heat quite costly. Considering its cost-effectiveness, many homeowners want effective solutions to block the sun’s heat without breaking the bank. Let’s face it and sum up the top 10 cheap way to block heat from windows.

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Windows provide natural shade and light in our house. But at the same time, they are a major heat source in our house. Therefore, many people look for cheap way to block heat from windows. Let’s grab some insights into the cheap ways to block sun heat from windows.

1) Hang Blankets

Hang Blankets

If you are looking for immediate and quick ways to relieve the heat from windows, the best solution is to hang blankets on your windows. Putting these blankets in the right place may seem hard, but applying hooks or tape to the blankets will help you hang them on windows.

2) Place a Rug on the Windows

Place a rug on Windows

We need a reflective surface to stop the heat coming from windows. Placing a rug on the patios and porches will absorb the heat and thus help you block the heat from outside. Also, placing area rugs inside your house will help prevent heat in the localised areas.

3) Opt for Blinds and Shades

Binds for blocking heat from windows

Are you looking for a cheaper way to block heat from windows? Blinds and shades are a great option for blocking heat coming from windows. These blinds and shades fall into varied price categories. So, you can choose the blinds and shades that fall within your budget. These blinds and shades will absorb heat from the outside and give you a soothing home environment.

4) Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

Bubble wraps window insulation


Bubble-wrap window insulation is one of the most economical ways to block heat from windows. Although using bubble wrap may affect your windows’ aesthetics, it is the most affordable option you can enjoy. The bubble wrap should be properly wrapped around the glass. Its proper application around the windows will help block the heat coming from outside.

5) Apartment Solar Panels

Cheap way to block heat from windows

Investing in apartment solar panels is another option to block heat from the windows. If you think investing in solar panels is quite costly, you need to change your beliefs. As technology advances, these apartment panels are available in a cheap range.

6) Use Window Film

Windows Films

The other cheap way to block heat from windows is with window film. A window film will keep the sun’s heat out of your house. Two types of these films will work fast to absorb the heat coming from outside. Reflective window films reflect a significant amount of sunlight. Non-reflective window films absorb and disperse solar energy. It would help if you chose films according to your purpose.

7) Go for Shade Sails

Shade Sails for Blocking heat from Windows


Shade sails are an affordable option for grabbing a cheap way to block heat from windows. Shade sails are comprised of very high-quality, UV-resistant fabric. Using shade sails will serve a dual purpose. They will block the heat coming from windows. Apart from that, using shade sails will provide an aesthetic appeal to the outdoor spaces. Using shade sails can be tricky for us as they will require sturdy anchor points such as poles.

8) Use Curtains and drapes

Cheap way to block heat from windows- curtains and drapes

Curtains and drapes are another cheap way to block the windows. Installing beautiful curtains on windows and doors will not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your house but also save you from heat. The curtains are available in varied varieties, and using them will be a great option to prevent the outside heat from coming inside from the windows. For blocking heat, you should choose thick curtains and windows made of blackout fabric. You can also choose thermal curtains, which will keep your room cool by blocking the heat.

9) Canopy Umbrellas

Canopy Umbrella

Using canopy umbrellas will be another option if you are looking for a cheap way to block heat from windows. These canopy umbrellas will shade your home from the heat coming from outside and provide a cool ambience inside your home. They are available in a variety of styles and can be easily assembled. Therefore, using them is a great option to block the heat.

10) Use an aluminum Foil

aluminum foil to block heat from windows.

If you don’t care about the look and appeal of your windows, you can opt for aluminium foil to block the heat. They are the cheapest option available to block the heat. Aluminum foils reflect heat; they are probably the best options to block heat on windows. It is the quickest option to block the heat, as aluminium foil is available in our kitchens. So, if you are in a hurry and want the quickest option, you should choose aluminium foil.


We have summed up a cheap way to block heat from the windows. These options will help you block the heat without breaking the bank. Choosing a reflective or insulating material to block heat from windows is the best option. You can enjoy a cooling and soothing ambience inside your lovely abode by making a little effort. Try these options, and let us know which one you like the most in the comment section.



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