Constipation Causing Major Issues? Here Are The Easy Natural Fixes For Your Ailment

    Tips That Can Help in Reducing Constipation

    As short as they last, digestive issues can cause a drastic change in your lifestyle. Apart from making you feel uneasy, they can also cause pain and more prolonged disorders – one of the commonly faced issues is constipation.

    Cause For Constipation

    Constipation is a digestive disorder either caused by consuming a particular food or lacking a certain food. This discomfort is a commonly occurring ailment and is easily treated with natural and home-based remedies.

    Cause For Constipation

    There are also chances that constipation can occur from a diet-change. If you travel to a new country or expose your body to a fresh cuisine, it could break your system’s routine and make it harder for your body to digest food.

    Some studies also show that irregular sleep-cycles can lead to constipation. Which is why you should not be surprised if your doctor prescribes the best sleeping pills when you actually went in for a tummy-checkup

    Constipation symptoms include irregular bowel movements, inability to pass stool, or uneasiness from a bowel movement. They are usually just short-term discomfort but can snowball into larger dietary problems with time.

    Natural Fixes For Constipation

    It is always a wise choice to depend on natural alternatives for fighting such ailments. In reality, over-the-counter pills can also cause some dependencies. However, natural remedies are free from any additives or side-effects.

    Natural Fixes For Constipation

    Here are a few naturally available options that can fix the ailment or reduce the strain from it. The possibilities are vast, so it’s easy to find an alternative for each body type.

    Intensify Hydration

    Water, it’s as simple as that. Being hydrated can significantly reduce your chances of constipation. If you are someone battling regular constipation, track your water intake, and ensure that you are always hydrated.

    If you are in the middle of this crisis, switch to sparkling water. These have a few added minerals and effervescent qualities that help comfort the struggle of constipation. Please note that sugary soda is not helpful, as it might make the problem worse.

    Eat Senna

    This is one of the best laxatives when looking for a natural alternative for constipation. Senna is a herbal laxative that can be bought online or from a drug-store near you. This natural herb is so popular that it is even doctor-recommended on many occasions.

    It contains plant-based substances like glycosides, which help to stimulate bodily-movements and comfort the stomach. It is also naturally sourced, so it induces almost no adverse effects on the body.

    Regular Yogurt

    Yogurt is a commonly found and widely available probiotic. Probiotics are naturally-available bacteria in the gut of all humans. They help fight harmful bacteria and improve the digestive function of the body.

    Regular Yogurt

    They also reduce the risk of infection and, most importantly, mitigate the chances of chronic constipation. If you aren’t fond of yogurt, probiotics are also available in supplements or Kimchi and sauerkraut.

    Consume Pre-Biotic

    This is another simple diet-change that can enhance your body’s ability to process food. Prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrate fiber that act as a catalyst for better digestion.

    They work as food for the probiotics in the gut and help to better its quality. This substance will further strengthen the quality of the probiotics and provide better bowel movement. In the case of constipation, some prebiotics like banana, garlic, and onions can also give instant relief.

    Eat Prunes

    This simple ingredient is available at a grocery store near you. Prunes, in their natural form, dried, or as juice, are valuable for a better bowel movement. They are rich in fiber and contain sorbitol. Sorbitol is a sugar-based-alcohol, which is a natural laxative.

    Eat Prunes

    If you suffer from chronic constipation, then having a small serving of prunes or a glass of prune juice each day will give you a more comfortable lifestyle. However, if you are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, then you should avoid prunes.

    Drink Coffee

    It’s not just a coincidence or a mental block that a large cup of coffee makes you take trips to the washroom. The caffeine in the coffee is an excellent way to stimulate the digestive muscles. If you are a daily coffee consumer, you are taking a positive step towards better bowel movement.

    Drink Coffee

    There is also some research to show that coffee may contain a small number of fibers. These are essential to keep your system clean and changeable. The acidic quality of coffee also enables better gut-health.

    Sustain Fiber-Rich Diet

    If you are suffering from a chronic constipation ailment, there is a supremely high chance that you contain a fiber deficiency in your diet. Having a balance of daily-fibers is the only way to ensure better digestive health for your body.

    Sustain Fiber-Rich Diet

    Fibers intake will bulk-up the bowel moment and help it quickly clear your system. However, some patients also go overboard and cram-up on fibers. This practice could also worsen the problem, which is why a balanced intake is a must.

    It would help if you aimed to balance both the soluble and insoluble fibers. Soluble fibers (like bran and vegetables) help to pass the food in your system. Simultaneously, non-soluble fibers (Like oats and nuts) ensure better consistency of the stool movement.

    Simple Exercises

    Regular exercise is not a remedy for constipation; it’s a way to stimulate the body and reduce the occurrence of the ailment. Research has proved a sedentary lifestyle will increase the chances of constipation. Thus, exercise is much-needed.

    Simple Exercises

    Understanding Cause First

    Now that you know all the standard remedies, note that not all of these might work for you. Some of these tips are commonly workable, like prunes and coffee – but others will vary from person to person.

    For example, if a person is intolerant to dairy, it could worsen the effects of constipation. In such a case, the probiotics from curd could be counterproductive. Similarly, if you have higher blood-sugar, prunes are ill-advised.

    Final thoughts

    Consequently, these remedies are specific to personal choices and pre-existing health conditions. If you observe any confusion in picking the right option, consult a doctor for the best advice.

    Having a balanced diet and a better lifestyle will exponentially reduce the risks of chronic constipation. Habit change is the answer to a lot of the body’s problems. Better sleep, planned routines, timely meals, and daily exercise is your path to better health.


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