COVID-19 Vaccine From Russia to Have Bulk Production in Three Months

    COVID-19 Mental Wellbeing

    Russia underwent the initial stages of the trial to ensure if the vaccine is completely safe on human beings, and the results are positive. According to the Defence Ministry of Russia, the COVID-19 vaccine test follows the complete functional norms and regulations relevant to methodology.

    The world has got a breaking news from Russia that states that the clinical trials for the first-ever coronavirus vaccine is under the successful completion and would soon be out. Another report revealed that the vaccine’s bulk production is on board and would hit the markets by the end of this year.

    Are we getting the COVID vaccine soon?

    The head from the microbe ecology lab located within the Biomedicine school at Russia’s Eastern Federal University, Mikhail Schlkanov, revealed the facts stated above. Another statement said that projecting a specific time frame is still not the right thing as it is too early for any declarations.

    The news broke out soon when Russia’s Sechenov University declared a successful first clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine. After pitching the details, it was also a known fact that the development was made by the Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology as well as Microbiology from Russia’s Ministry of Defense. With due knowledge from Alexander Lukashev, who is also a director of Sechenov’s institute in medical Parasitology, vector-borne and tropical diseases confirmed vaccine trial. Human trial for this vaccine on the first set of volunteers was done on July 15 and the second one will be done on July 20.

    To capture people’s excitement, the revelation was made that it’s just the first trial to test the vaccine’s safety on human health. With a couple of trial batches coming ahead, the picture would get much clear and precise. However, even this milestone is a significant achievement to determine the technological advancement of Russia. Schelkanov himself gave all these declarations.

    Is the world getting ready to combat COVID-19 soon?

    A renowned Virologist came up with a fact that introducing the vaccine to the global markets is no joke and must first undergo various trial stages to retrieve affirmation. Later, the production aspect also is a benchmark to avail of the vast global population that needs this dose desperately.

    Understand that biotechnology is an extremely subjective matter, and any projections about the vaccine introduction are vague for now. Only after scrutinizing the trials successfully and getting an assurance about the same can lead to directional steps being taken.

    Alexander Gintsburg, the Director of the Gamaleya research institute, stated that once the second phase of Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine passes off, they would head up with the submission of essential documents. Defence Ministry of Russia will not do anything haphazardly with the early introduction of vaccines. They believe in moving with necessary compliance and regulations. They are narrowly going with the rule set to do further tests so that there is no loophole left for any risks.

    WHO abides by the protocols that the vaccine must pass through 3 stage trials before bulk production

    Here is how the vaccine will go through trials before Russia starts bulk product:

    First Phase – Broad study on clinical tolerance of vaccine

    Second Phase – In-depth study on dosage variations and numbers necessary for the target population.

    Third Phase – After going through safety protocols and efficacy, the vaccine is all set to enter the final industrial production phase.

    After these three stages, we might the first fully functional coronavirus vaccine. Stay in tune for more updates about the same!


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