Crypto Chain Group Review — Is It a Scam or a Good Broker?

    Crypto Chain

    Crypto Chain Group Review

    On a rare occasion, you find a broker that seemingly has no flaws and a good track record. Crypto Chain Group is one of such companies with a good brand that has not been tainted by huge scandals and disappointing financial performance. The list of investment products at Crypto Chain Group is impressive. Anyone can find something interesting among the many products offered by this broker.

    Crypto Chain Group investment products

    The company caters to a diverse audience of international investors and tries to incorporate in its lineup of product solutions that will be interesting to both conservative people and those who want to engage in speculative trading. From trust management to providing access to financial markets and dozens of financial instruments, the broker has a rich catalog that will impress even seasoned veterans.

    Crypto Chain Group terms and conditions

    Margin trading accounts can be tuned according to your preferences. Flexible leverage means that you can adjust risks as you see fit and use credit wisely without overspending and falling victim to excess confidence.

    Low fees make this platform more appealing to day traders and scalpers who usually want to deal with assets that have high volatility but also can be traded with lower spreads.

    Crypto Chain Group trading terminal

    While the arsenal of technical indicators in the native terminal may seem lacking compared to specialized platforms like MT4, remember that you can use MetaTrader4 and TradingView to access servers of Crypto Chain Group and use any strategy you like. The terminal has just enough functionality to ensure that traders do not make uninformed decisions and can conduct analysis even without using any external tools.

    Crypto Chain Group customer support

    One of the best support teams in the market is the one working at Crypto Chain Group. Specialists usually respond in a matter of minutes and provide detailed consultations and result-oriented assistance when you need it. Reach out to representatives of the customer care department using e-mail, live chat, and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Crypto Chain Group mobile app

    The mobile application is a good alternative interface for those who do not like being limited to only one device. Contemporary people spend over 2 hours on average using their smartphones to manage all aspects of their lives including financial affairs. With the application form Crypto Chain Group, you will be able to continue managing your investments and trade actively even when commuting to work.

    Crypto Chain Group pros and cons

    Without distinct advantages that could set you apart from the rest of the competition, you can’t attract and retain clients. Crypto Chain Group has many benefits that are enjoyed and appreciated by many of its users:

    • Diverse investment packages and flexible trading conditions appeal to both conservative and aggressive investors!
    • You can read educational materials like informative market overviews, in-depth descriptions of trading strategies, and answers to commonly asked questions about the platform and the FX industry.
    • Many testimonials about the company praise its technology, customer care, safety, and many other aspects!
    • Reliable banking. While withdrawing funds is often associated with delays and slow processing, you will always receive your earnings within periods specified in the user agreement. It usually takes no more than 5 business days for the broker to process your withdrawal requests.

    Unfortunately, the broker has a couple of downsides that we have to mention to keep things fair:

    • While the banking system is reliable and usually works like a Swiss clock, you will encounter situations when you wait for days to receive your earnings.
    • Many users think that the website is hard to navigate and does not have enough features that would improve the user experience.

    The main takeaway

    Crypto Chain Group is not the most perfect brokerage service provider out there and it has some rough edges, but it is not a scam. The broker has a good reputation and a rich history of successes as well as industry awards that prove its trustworthiness. The rich selection of financial instruments and many investment packages targeting all sorts of traders will most certainly pique your interest!


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