Does Inspiration sells?? Then, India’s leading Model Karan Oberoi does too!! Let’s find out why?


    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” -Thomas Edison

    The biggest and the most successful people in this world didn’t just persevere through the hard times — failure is what made them succeed. So, the next time you feel your obstacles are overwhelming, read through this article to keep yourself motivated.

    If somebody who has followed the footsteps or may have taken the above quote seriously is India’s top male model Karan Oberoi who is also known as KO has some significant contribution in the field of fitness and fashion modeling world. Before writing this article I had a glance on his Insta handle and saw the quote “nothing is impossible” that shows his clear determination to achieve and this is how he looks at life.

    Last year leading Indian newspaper Hindustan Times came up with the list ‘unveiling India’s top ten supermodels’, under that list Karan’s name was clearly mentioned as one of the top fitness models of the country and that also mentioned if motivations sell, Karan Oberoi does too. After reading this, it really motivated me to know about this man further and I started reading a few articles on him. The story of this young man is an interesting one.

    He started his career as a graphic designer, wasn’t born with a silver spoon. This man has faced rejection in many auditions and today he has the top A-listed brands under his portfolio. Almost a decade back coming to the city – Mumbai to chase his dreams. In a quest to achieve, he started working harder on his body, face, and personality. Karan failed so many times while trying to get where he wanted to be, he still remembers those days while he was struggling he did not even have much money in his pocket to survive the month. But he had a dream and passion that didn’t let him stop.

    Today Karan is one of the leading models in the nation, he is the same guy who was rejected by Men’s Health magazine twice to be featured on the cover, and still remembers mailing thousands of agencies to get work every day. This guy is surely a role model and can motivate any young man who thinks he is nowhere but has a dream-like Karan.

    Karan is today besides winning so many awards as a model and is also one of the most followed models on social media. Karan never gave up on his way to stardom of being India’s top male model whether it’s fitness or fashion, he kept working on his looks, body, style, and personality day in and day out, everything that is needed to become a top male model as he firmly believes the only way to succeed is by not giving up and working without thinking about fruits of your action.

    He still doesn’t miss a chance on his social media handles, he keeps posting videos and motivational quotes to keep moving people along him. He keeps reading motivational books and watching videos to keep his mind right to achieve more. We wish him all the luck!


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