Emberify: How Instagram Is Beneficial for Education?


    Social media has plenty of opportunities for all sorts of specifications. In recent times, it has been the only escape for the people from the hectic days. Besides this circumstance, people ought to use these platforms for their needs and wants. Out of these, Instagram stands out with its unique facilities that provide enrichment to the users. 

    Have you ever thought of using Instagram for learning? If not, then this article will change your perspective of thinking. Instagram can also be a place to assist your education by sharing notes and lecture videos in the form of post feeds. By sharing such feeds, educators make their accounts popularise and drive more instagram likes to be featured on this platform.

    Please stay connected with us and explore more about the benefits of using Instagram for educational purposes.

    Why Instagram for Education? 

    The first question that comes to mind is why we choose Instagram for learning. Instagram is a tool with abundant content and inspiration that motivates students and teachers to spend time productively. The fact that the application can be accessed through Android devices is the plus point where anyone with an Android phone can use it. 

    There is no need for you to buy costly software for learning and to teach using advanced technological methods. But, significantly, Instagram is highly user-friendly, that kids and parents find it easy to navigate.

    5 Reasons Why Instagram Is a Tool for Education

    At First, Instagram was mainly used for sharing fun and activities, but later students used it for learning new stuff. Here are some reasons why it is a beneficial tool for students.

    #1 To be Creative

    For students, it is the best platform to learn about creating fresh content and images. You see many beautiful clicks and inspiring posts, if you surf the feed. So seeing this kind of post kindles the inner desire for students to create something new. Eventually, they start making innovative designs and share them to show their creativity. 

    #2 Becoming Tech-Expert

    Online platforms are the suitable one to learn and the best communication tool nowadays. It gives so many options to be an expert user and hold it nearly impossible to return back. Using the internet continuously enables them to know more, and in the end, they will be proficient users.

    #3 Learn From Ideals 

    Starting from celebrities to ordinary people, it is rare to find people without an account on Instagram. Most successful people share their stories in their profiles to inspire others. Therefore, students get in touch with their idols and start following them. Conversely, those public figures will get more followers by sharing inspiring stuff, strengthening their community.  

    Note: For Such Professionals, you can try using Emberify to make your content more engaged and build a solid community rapidly.

    #4 Online Learning 

    Students often get bored studying in the same mode for a long time, and it reflects on their studies. So they need new exciting ways of learning things like video format lectures, animation, etc. Through Instagram, teachers can assign homework, such as creating a meme on a concept, making videos, etc. After completing, ask the students to share by tagging them, and you can quickly evaluate their creativeness through the post.

    #5 Team Work 

    No matter how big or small your class group is, you can create a group on Instagram where you can share your works and educational content, discuss new things, and much more. By sharing, they gain knowledge from others and help build the communication relationship between them.

    How Can Teachers Use Instagram for Teaching?

    Whether you are a teacher by profession, a tutor, or a mentor, Instagram is the best place to begin your new teaching methods. If interested, follow these tips to become an expert online educator.

    Create Educational Hashtags

    Instagram is filled with tons of educational and inspiring feed posts. For this cause, Hashtags are more helpful in searching the relevant information related to your specific subject matter. So you can create your own and share your subject content under the Hashtags. It will be easy for the learners to reach your post. Students can also save your post if they like it and refer to it later. 

    Show Off Your Student’s Works

    Putting it simply, Instagram is prominently used for content sharing. As a teacher, you can share your best student’s work on your Stories and Post to motivate and push them to the next level. On the other side, your student’s talents will be recognized worldwide. This is one of the effective ways to use Instagram to inspire students.

    You can also use Instagram to share your student’s projects and live stream your classroom activities. As an added advantage, Emberify will help you gain more likes and followers for your activities and allow you to become an effective online teacher.

    Connect With Other Educators

    One of the most significant benefits of Instagram is that you can connect with other teachers. Such a network will help you get new ideas for teaching and planning interesting lesson plans. You can even connect with teachers from different countries and regions to learn about their methodology. 

    In addition, create an Instagram teacher community and share your ideas and creations with them. There is a high chance that some ideas might inspire you to execute them in your classroom.

    Conduct Contest Through Instagram

    As mentioned earlier, Instagram is a place for having fun and contentful. You can use this as a teaching medium by conducting games for the students with the help of their parents. It is an effective way to engage them in the activities. 

    You can post photography or a meme creation contest once or twice a month. By conducting such games, you can involve students actively and identify their talented areas to make them aware of what they are capable of.  

    Wrapping Up

    Instagram is a potential educational tool for both students and teachers. At the same time, it involves some risks regarding safety measures that lie in the hands of parents. However, if you use it wisely, Instagram will help you build a perfect path for your future.

    All you have to do is turn on your creative switch and get on to the road of technology to find new ways to learn.


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