Everything You Should Know About Online Casino RNG

    Online Casino RNG

    One of the most common worries of people who are too suspicious for their good when it comes to the idea of online gambling is that that they believe that all games in Online Cricket Betting ID are rigged, and every site and app out there is out to cheat on you. They believe that since an online gambling game is still computer software, it can be controlled by someone behind the scenes and give out the results that can make them winless, if not lose entirely. However, none of these are true–at least for real and legitimate online casinos. Where do these false beliefs of cheating and rigging come from, then? It can be for various reasons, but one of them is the lack of understanding and knowledge of the algorithm that is mainly responsible for making sure that all games and results are kept fair and unbiased all the time. This is called the random number generator or Online Casino RNG.

    The best online casino does not only have the most generous offers, a great roster of games, or a good payout system. It is also important that they have a reliable and secure RNG system that is at work with all their software. To better understand what this is and how it keeps your playing experience fair, here is everything you need to know about online casino RNG.

    What is online casino RNG?

    By a technical definition, RNG is what is referred to as “a process which, through a device, generates a sequence of numbers or symbols that cannot be reasonably predicted better than by a random chance.” In layman’s terms, you can refer to RNG as the “results” spitter of any online casino game.

    There is more than one type of online casino RNG out there used by many different sectors, but the one used by online gaming sites and apps is called the pseudo-random number generator. This type of RNG does not need any kind of external input to work. All it needs is an algorithm and a seed number.

    In simple terms, online casino RNG works by getting the last result from the most recent session and applying a mathematical operation to it at random to give out a new result–the algorithm can either add, multiply, subtract, or divide it with another random number.

    How is RNG used by online casinos?

    The algorithm of an RNG is used mostly on virtual game software, which are games that do not involve a live dealer. For example, in a game of baccarat, RNG helps determine which cards would be on either side’s hands. In a game of roulette, it determines wherein the virtual wheel would the wheel “land.”

    Several people have been recorded in the history of online gambling to have tried to figure out how this whole system works, but some took years before even realizing that a pattern cannot be mathematically reverse engineered out of it.

    Can you beat the system of RNG?

    Technically speaking, you can. After all, nothing, even with the way that RNG works, is ever truly random. Since it all involves mathematical processes, it is certainly possible to decode a string of operations to it. However, it does not mean that is doable.

    It would take a lot of technical skills, not to mention a lot of time, before beating the system of online casino RNG. Even if someone can break it, the question then would be, would it be worth all the money he can hypothetically win?


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