EXCLUSIVE: “The Division 2” is Now Free to Play Till October


    Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has received a free weekend till October 20th, Ubisoft announced. The looter shooter can pre-loaded on Uplay or the Epic Games Store and played until that period. You’ll have access to the entire campaign, which is fairly sizable and worth checking out during that time.

    For years, the looter shooter genre has been seeing games releasing under the guise of “live services”, a phrase that more often than not effectively ends up being an excuse for major titles to launch with a dearth of meaningful content.

    The likes of Destiny and even the first The Division have adopted such a philosophy in the past, and even though they managed to turn things around with meaningful post-launch content, it’s still often a good idea to take a “wait and watch” approach with such releases in their initial days and weeks on the market.

    With The Division 2, however, Ubisoft and developers Massive Entertainment have delivered a rare example of a modern looter shooter that is content-rich and feature-complete right from the get-go.

    This is a game that is already capable of offering more than enough content to keep players busy for some time to come, and depending on how well Massive handles future updates, things could get even better.

    With this week’s Title Update 6, Numerous quality of life changes have been added. Stash space has been increased, recalibration has been re-tuned to allow for transferring perks between gear regardless of color, and much more.

    “The Division 2” is Now Free to Play Till October

    There’s also the new Targeted Loot feature which increases the drop rate chances for specific types of gear and weapons in specific areas.

    If you decide to pick up the full game based on this free weekend, then next week should have even more content to play. The Last Castle went live earlier this week for Year 1 Pass holders by adding new story missions and some new loot along with a new PvP map and Specialization in Episode 2: Pentagon.  Look for the story episode to be out next week for everyone else, completely free.


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