Facebook builds AI tool to fox facial recognition systems

    Facebook builds AI tool to fox facial recognition systems
    Facebook builds AI tool to fox facial recognition systems

    Facebook’s computer science (AI) analysis team has developed a tool that tracks the automatic face recognition system to incorrectly establish someone in an exceeding video, the media reportable.

    “Face recognition will also create privacy issues and face replacement technology is also used to form deceptive videos” , reads a paper explaining the company’s approach, as cited by VentureBeat. This de-identification technology earlier worked principally for still pictures, The Verge reportable.

    Recent world events regarding advances in and abuse of face recognition technology invoke the requirement to grasp ways that alter de-identification.

    Facebook builds AI tool to fox facial recognition systems
    Facebook builds an AI tool to fox facial recognition systems

    Our contribution is the only one suitable for video, including live video, and presents a quality that far surpasses the literature methods, said the paper.

    The work is scheduled to be bestowed at the International Conference on pc Vision (ICCV), in Seoul, Asian country, next week.

    The development comes at a time once Facebook is facing a $35 billion class-action proceedings for alleged misuse of automatic face recognition knowledge in Illinois. A U.S.A. court has denied Facebook’s request to quash the proceedings.

    A three-judge panel of the ninth circuit judges in the port of entry rejected Facebook’s plea to quash the proceedings.

    The case would now go to trial unless the Supreme Court intervened, TechCrunch reported last week.

    This story has been printed from a wire agency feed while no modifications to the text. Only the headline has been changed. The AI shouldn’t be retrained for various individuals or videos and creates just a “bit” time distortion.

    “According to reports, Facebook does not plan to use this technology for its commercial products”. Primarily applied for things like tagging family and friends in photos, the social media large is commonly defendant of misusing that technology for fewer savory uses.

    There is much other facial recognition fooling imagery, known as adversarial examples, that exploits the computer vision software weaknesses to trick it.

    There are already companies as Israeli AI and privacy firm D-ID, with de-identification technology that works with still images.


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