Future of FM Radio

    Future of FM

    Radio has been one of the oldest forms of public entertainment that was delivered to the masses in the comfort of their homes. We could turn on the radio with a simple click and go through a number of channels in one go. It has been an integral media source for news and music and podcasts too as of late. The dynamics and use of FM radio have significantly changed in the past decade, with the rise of digital multimedia one might expect a downfall in the use of radio. Considering the multiple sources for entertainment present, we shall see how FM radio is currently operating and  future of FM Radio. 

    Future of FM Radio Post Covid’19

    With the Covid’19 crisis, there has been an increase in reliance on all types of digital media platforms for news and entertainment etc at home. There is always room for flexibility and change, just when FM radio was starting to slow down a bit, it was re-introduced to the masses. 

    Ever since Covid has calmed down with the use of vaccination, more and more people have had the chance to move around in cars. FM radio reception levels went to peak around the beginning of 2021, once people started getting vaccinated and moving about.

    Car radio channels are a daily source of entertainment and news for the masses and this can be a great opportunity for media planners to make the most of it. If enough businesses and artists endorse radio, it can really set its fast pace and not let other sources of audio media, such as podcasts etc, replace the radio. 

    Podcasts Replacing the FM Radio 

    Podcasts have become the latest source of personality-driven media. Influencers have engaged a wide audience through podcasts and are becoming increasingly widespread in a variety of content. Influencers make use of social media and other content based platforms to gauge the masses and this is starting to fade the effect of radio. 

    Since podcasts are internet-based, users can easily tune into them with a click to their choice of channel or influencer. Unlike radios, podcasts give a far wider range of content and options to pause or continue listening to the content as a user pleases. Celebrities, athletes and politicians, all are increasingly adopting podcasts as a way to connect with their audiences, something that was done via radio shows in the past

    Digital Audio Broadcasting Replacing FM Radio 

    Digital Audio Broadcasting (DABS) allow the transmission of multiple programmes via the same frequency. FM radio allows one programme per frequency. This integral difference might help DAB replace FM radio altogether. 

    If DABA replaces FM, it will enhance the connectivity of people to radio channels more effectively. Internet-based radio channels can cover globally however DAB or FM are confined to specific areas. DAB, with its multiple programme range, can easily take over the FM in specific localities.

    Radio Connectivity to Increase in Future 

    Radio is all around us and has the vast possibilities to grow digitally and visually. In the near future, it will become increasingly easier to connect to the radio via our TVs or other IoT devices at home. 

    Digital fridges with internet connection and other such gadgets can easily connect to the radio and be listened to at all times. This will give radio stations ample opportunity to expand their audience and make the radio more easily accessible. Different mobile apps can be connected to other devices too, to connect to the radio. 


    Radio has existed as a great source of news, entertainment and a voice of the public. It has adapted to social changes and has been able to withstand the competition of other enhanced multimedia outlets. Radio is everywhere around us and can never cease to exist. 

    It is a responsibility for radio stations to keep up with the shifting changes to the entertainment media and bring radio channels in line with them. If the content brought to radio channels is up to the mark of internet-based content, it will surely keep the radio business afloat. 



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