Getting a CPR Certification Online is Easier than Ever: Find out Why You Should Do It

    CPR Certification Online

    It has been estimated that in the United States alone, 350,000 people suffer from cardiac arrests annually with only 11% being able to survive. The low survival rate is because they do not get the immediate medical attention that they need. If more members of the public understood how to perform CPR procedures, then the rates would certainly be lower. 

    What’s more, it has been noted that a majority of cardiac arrests usually happen at home when victims are either alone or with persons who do not know how to do CPR effectively. The knowledge of doing CPR is usually accompanied by knowing how to use an automated external defibrillator. 

    It can therefore be handy to have a CPR certification. It is also very easy to get MyCPR NOW because of the numerous platforms that offer the certification online. Here are the important reasons why you should get a CPR certification:

    You can save a life with your knowledge:

    As we mentioned earlier, most people usually feel helpless when someone near them is going through a cardiac arrest because they do not have the knowledge to help. With a CPR certification, you can be able to sweep in and act swiftly in a way that could help save someone’s life. When a cardiac arrest occurs, oxygen flow to the body is cut off which eventually causes death. 

    An emergency such as this one where professional medical personnel is not nearby can cause death if such first aid measures are not administered promptly. Sudden cardiac arrests victims have a 10% survival rate and you can easily leverage your training to be of assistance.

    You can diversify your skillset:

    There is certainly an ever-growing need for individuals who know how to perform CPR. This is especially necessary if you are living with someone who has a heightened risk for a cardiac event. What’s more, you can leverage your skills at the workplace. If your co-worker gets a sudden cardiac arrest, your CPR certification from a training center like CPR Newmarket will have prepared you adequately to deal with such a scenario. 

    The training that you have received can also be transferred to other workmates by training them in large groups about how to handle sudden cardiac arrest cases. You, therefore, become a valuable asset to your company by having a unique skill set that is not common in the workplace. 

    You get to learn how to use a defibrillator and other life-saving skills:

    The AED is used to provide electronic shocks to the heart as a means of reviving the heartbeat.  CPR certification classes will include information on how to use an AED and where they can be accessed from. Most businesses and public places will have a means of access to a defibrillator in case of an emergency. 

    With a CPR certification, you can prevent a cardiac arrest victim from having brain death which occurs six minutes at most after oxygen flow stops. CPR will make sure that blood is flowing effectively in all the important body organs such as the brain and therefore gives the victims better chances at making full recovery. 


    Anyone can become CPR certified. Many platforms provide quality in-person and online forms of certification. You can get a time that is most convenient for you and work at becoming part of the 3% of the population that has received a CPR certification. The interactive classes and qualified personnel are sure to make the classes fun.





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