Girls’ star Lena Dunham Revealed “she has a chronic illness” on Instagram

    Girls' star Lena Dunham Revealed "she has a chronic illness" on Instagram
    Girls' star Lena Dunham Revealed "she has a chronic illness" on Instagram

    Lena River Dunham revealed to the globe in an Instagram post that she is having Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a chronic illness that affects the joints and skin.

    Dunham announces the news in response to a paparazzi icon that showed her walking with the help of a cane. “This is what life is like once I’m troubled most with chronic unwellness,” the Girls star wrote.

    “An Ehler-Danlos syndrome flare means I want support from over simply my friends thus thanks, sweet cane!” “For years, I resisted doing something that will build my physical state of affairs easier, demand that a cane would make things weird,” she added.

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    I could choose to be embarrassed by these paparazzi pics- I mean, that’s probably the point of someone publishing them in the first place- but I’m really not. I could lie and say it was an early Halloween look (Don’t you get it? I’m going as a con woman leaving a Florida Keys jail after being acquitted of murdering her husband, and now she’s trying to get disability license plates.) But the truth is just: This is what life is like when I’m struggling most with chronic illness. An Ehler-Danlos syndrome flare means that I need support from more than just my friends… so thank you, sweet cane! For years, I resisted doing anything that would make my physical situation easier, insisting that a cane would “make things weird.” But it’s so much less weird to actually be able to participate than to stay in bed all day. And yes, you'd better believe I'm wearing my nightgown. I was walking four feet to the car to go to the doctor and I wanted to be full cozy. I mean, didn't Bieber wear hotel slippers for like five years? Yeah, so I can wear my glamour nighty for two hours. And then an hour later, I’m in a meeting look tackling the job I love. That’s the two-fold life of a woman with chronic illness; we still rock our dreams and goals and passions (and fashions) and we live many lives in one day. Tell me about your day!

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    “But it’s most less weird to really be able to participate than to remain in bed all day.” Ehlers-Danlos syndrome affects tissues that support the bones, skin, blood vessels and alternative organs and tissues, according to the National Institute of Health’s Library of Medicine.

    Suffers square measure a lot of liable to dislocating joints, bruising severely and simply, severe scarring, poor wound healing, the improvement of fleshy lesions and other symptoms.

    No matter her weight or how she looks, the bottom line is that Lena’s body is Lena’s body, and it’s not like anyone else to comment on or police.

    But since she has been figuring out a lot of in a shot to manage her adenomyosis, comments concerning Lena’s body, her weight, in particular, have been rampant.

    Refinery29 observed however wrong that’s, and Lena River issued an earnest thanks to the location on her Instagram. Lena was fully on board with this message.

    In an associate Instagram post, Lena thanks Refinery29 for the article, and said that she does not care
    what the haters say she celebrates her body for what it is.

    “I’ve gone on red carpets in dressmaking as a size fourteen. I’ve done sex scenes days when surgery, dappled with scars. I’ve accepted that my body is an associate dynamic organism, not a fixed entity- what goes up must come down and vice versa,” she wrote.

    “I smile even as wide notwithstanding my current size as a result of I am pleased with what this body has seen and done and diagrammatical.”


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