Grey’s Anatomy: Alex Karev Deserved A Better Farewell

    Grey’s Anatomy: Alex Karev Deserved A Better Farewell
    Grey’s Anatomy: Alex Karev Deserved A Better Farewell

    In these articles, there are spoilers of what happened in ‘Leave a Light On’, the last episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

    After several weeks listening to theories of where Alex Karev was and why he did not answer the calls or messages, the program has finally made his whereabouts public. And it was to finally say goodbye to the long-lived character played by Justin Chambers. Goodbye has been given through letters received by Meredith, Jo, and Bailey.

    In them, Alex’s voiceover explains to them that he has not answered the calls for fear of being convinced to return to the Hospital and that now it is something that he cannot afford since he lives with Izzie, who turns out to have twins with the embryos that were frozen long ago.

    Grey’s Anatomy: Alex Karev Deserved A Better Farewell


    This explanation has come two months later that the actor himself responsible for the character announced that he had already appeared in his final episode. And really, this new “appearance”, has it done justice to the character or has it spoiled the final image with which we are left with him?

    Yes, Karev now lives on a Kansas farm with his five-year-old children and his ex-wife Izzie, who left the series in the sixth season. It did not make any sense of plot to bring the character afloat when it seemed that everything was closed with her. But it has been. It is true that the frozen embryos of Izzie have been a kind of weapon since it appeared in the fifth season.

    What’s more, the episode is perhaps 30% of card reading, 70% of flashbacks that show Karev’s journey from conceited to a responsible human being. While the purpose of these clips was to offer a warm farewell and a fun reminder for fans of the character’s best moments, it really only served to make his sudden departure even more absurd.


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