What are the highest paying travelling jobs?


From Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara to Eat. Pray. Love, we all thought that someday we would also gather the courage to pick up bags and roam around the world with zero worries. But that only sounds delightful when we are financiallyRichie-Rich. What’s the solution? The best solution to fulfill your dream, yet, keep working is getting travelling jobs. But before starting our topic, we would suggest you to pay a visit to www.safetraveltalk.com in order to learn about the safest places you can consider for this purpose.

Recently, the concept of travelling jobs in India has preached. Now, traveling is not a hobby or passion anymore. It has become a need of the employment industry. That’s right! Today, if you take a survey on whether the exchange of services proceeds at a more comprehensive level in the business industry or hospitality industry. For example, throughout the year, hotels all over the world receive bookings for international meetings.

Meanwhile, the employees stay and conduct the sessions in another country at the company’s expense. To begin with, it is a perfect exemplar of traveling jobs. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?
Imagine a job that pays you to travel! To some people, it would be a dream job. But, jobs that need international travel are not easy to find. These travelling job profiles demand substantial working experience. Thus, if you search for a ‘travelling job-no experience’ combination, you may not come across the highest paying travelling jobs. Today at this platform, we are presenting the abstraction of travelling jobs. What travelling jobs pay well and which one is best for you?

Join us on this journey to find out online jobs that require international travel and how you can apply for them. Let’s take a glimpse:

What are travelling jobs?

By definition, a travelling job can be any job role that allows the employee to explore the world. There are several well-paid travelling jobs in the world. However, landing on the highest paying travelling jobs can be difficult. It is because a travel job interview includes intricate factors. For example, the individual’s physical and mental condition, criminal record, linguistic skills, communication skills, and social skills.

For example, if you do not know how to speak English, this becomes a communication barrier. How will you interact with the clientele there? Furthermore, such factors matter. Of course! Your passion for exploring the world may get appreciation from the interviewers. However, even entry-level jobs that require travel do not land in your hand easily.

Top 9 highest paying travel Job 

Wildlife photographers

Animal love comes with a link, I .e.., travelling. That’s right! If you are passionate about photography of animals and exploring their habitats & lifestyle, you are an elite contender for this job profile. From the jungles of Africa to Indian Reserved Forest, you can find peace as well as monetary stability by building the highest paying career in wildlife photography. Some of the top-notch wildlife photographers in history are Frans Lanting, Paul Nicklen, and Marsel Van Oosten

For the most part, Wildlife photography is one of the jobs that require international travel. However, it is also a job role that demands hardship. Do you know? To be a wildlife photographer, one needs to think like an Animal. Sometimes, these photographers also live like animals in jungles to capture the best moments that may come in the next 4 seconds or the next 4 months

Furthermore, yes! It is a job that pays for travel and housing. In defense of this statement, television wildlife channels such as Animal Planet funds photography projects and also pays its photographers well. To summarize, a wildlife photographer earns up to 40k USD per project excluding the expenses

Translator & Interpreter

Here’s a jaw-dropping fact, a job position as an international translator and interpreter pays more than a wildlife photographer. Well! On one hand, wildlife displays a job of creativity and patience. However, a job as a translator demands high-end communication skills and craves for social interaction

It falls under the category of entry-level jobs that require travel. However, translators’ jobs come with various promotional opportunities in the future. One of the facts that are best about a translator is that he/she does not need to face industrial barriers. For example, a translator can act as a part-time teacher in the educational industry. Above all, there are several roles of the translator in the following:

  • Public sector
  • Inter-state Government projects
  • Engineering industry,
  • Business industry (for communicating with international clientele),
  • The hospitality industry, and
  • Medical tourism industry

tourism medical specialists

What is the salary of a translator? To begin with, the average salary of a translator as per the industry norms is 50k USD per annum. However, this figure upgrades if the translator has the countable working experience, knows multiple languages and exquisite personality

Private Investigation Officer

When you look for a list of highest paying travel jobs, you cannot miss your chances of becoming a “mystery man.” that’s right! This job role with a lot of travelling brings suspense in one’s life. Today, from CBI to FBI and locales, everyone hires private investigators to resolve crimes with no clues. Indeed, if you find some time out for Netflix & Chill, you will come across some high-end series based on private investigators like Scandal. These shows give an evident picture of the life of a private investigator.

Lawful spy

However, what we don’t see in these series are travelling and money. That’s right! The investigator usually roams around in an old-fashioned car, but, that’s not it. As a real-time private investigator, you get to visit locations you have never heard from. Apart from this, do you know? A private investigator’s average payout per annum is 55k USD. Well! That’s just average if you are a good investigator with experience in the field of law & criminology. You can go much further in your career as a traveller & investigator.

Locomotive Engineer

In the prominent Tv series, the Big Bang Theory turns out, Sheldon’s passion for trains was not entirely illogical. Yes! To begin with, the travelling industry invests billions each year in each country to keep the world travelling conviniently. That’s right! If you desire to explore the world, there’s no entertainment as well as the highest paying travel job than being a locomotive engineer. In this modern age, every child dreams of going to space or flying an airplane. In the shadow of these modern and high-tech career options, we happen to forget the joy that comes with the whistle of a train. Even today in India, every boy at the station desires to take a glimpse of the locomotive driver. You can be such an inspiration for the kids by becoming a locomotive engineer. 

locomotive in Museum

Yet, if your main concern is travelling and high-end salary, this is your option. Locomotive engineer’s average salary per annum remains over 55k USD. Moreover, you get to explore the slow-version of the world, from wildlife to various cities, cultures, the list goes on

Travel Blogger

travelling jobs
Journey Era Blog traveller

One thing that keeps the writer awake at night is travelling. Yes! Every writer in this world dreams of travelling to the places that parade cultures, rituals, tribes, suspense, mystery, beauty, nature, modern picture of the world, vintage world, and world of entertainment. Count travel blogging as one of the top and highest paying travel jobs in India. Do you know? Every year, India receives lacs of tourists among which thousands come to India to explore it and write about it

More often, the myth “travel bloggers get rejected for most of their works. Only a few of them find success” goes around. But, that’s not true. All a writer needs is a pen and he/she can write over 100 insights about the scene around them. Imagine, you are a travel blogger at sightseeing. What is there to fail if you are writing what you see with your eyes! 

Today, various branded magazines like Times hire freelance travel bloggers on a contractual basis. Indeed, for a single project, a travel blogger earns up to 71k USD per annum. If I am paid that high for a travel job, I will be willing to write mountains!


Bollywood or Hollywood Producer

The film production head is a job that pays for travel and housing. Alongside this, it also provides you the freedom to be your own boss. Follow your own instincts and put your creativity onto the screen. What else can be entertaining more than being a Bollywood or Hollywood movie producer? A producer puts what is missed by the writer in the storyline. It remains exciting to wake up every day and work at a new location. Camp from one set to another set. 

film production travelling jobs

However, the factor that is most attractive in the career line of movie production is money. Do you know? A film producer earns up to 90k USD per movie based on the industry norms. However, this is only an average limit. For example, film producers associated with high-end movie productions such as Yashraj films in India earn more than 90K USD per film.


This highest paying travel job comes with a passion for risk. Do you know? In 1953, Tenzing Norgay climbed the highest mountain in the world, a.k.a Mount Everest. Here’s a fun fact, western companies grant up to 45k USD to the person who climbs in the mountain successfully. It depends on the climber, in how many days he/she succeeds? Some of the well-known Mountaineers around the globe are:

  • Edmund Hillary,
  • Reinhold Messner
  • George Mallory, and
  • Jon Krakauer

Becoming a mountaineer is no entry-level job that requires travel. It also does not fall into the category of jobs that pay for travel and housing. A mountaineer spends most of the time climbing and surviving through the journey to the mountains. It offers inner-peace to one’s spiritual potential. Further, it makes the experience more refreshing. Above all, it is actually one of the jobs that must travel with no experience, but only bravado and passion.

Yoga Instructor

travelling jobs
Image Credit : pexels.com

Every person in this world is looking for liberation. In fact, travelling jobs in India seem to categorize yoga instructors as one of the highest paying travel jobs in India. Each year, thousands of tourists visit India to attend yoga retreats and courses. Meanwhile, yoga instructors find their way too many clientele who pay a handful of money per day for illuminating them in Yoga

Indeed, many Yoga Ashrams in India hire their personal team of Yoga Instructors. These teams further visit abroad to start their 4-6 months of Yoga Retreat. In each yoga retreat, up to 50-100 attendees are present. These retreats take place at different sites. For example, sometimes around the mountains, other times on the hills. One attendee pays up to 3600-5000 Euros. Thus, you can imagine the salary that a Yoga instructor earns throughout this period. A Yoga instructor in the USA earns up to $50 per hour.

Food blogger

An individual who is fiery when it comes to food and travelling, food blogging is a perfect career on the list. Imagine a lifestyle where you travel anywhere in the world. And, explore their food culture for free-of-cost. From India to the U.S.A food bloggers earn by promoting restaurants. These people travel all over the globe and find insights into dishes that are popular by the place.

food blogging travelling jobs

Do you know? These bloggers start their day with an elegant breakfast. Further, tweet about it to bring traffic to the food premises. In exchange, they get free food as well as money for their promoting hustle and bustle. A food blogger in the U.S.A earns up to 27k USD per annum. Some food bloggers hold their own brand. For example, the Pioneer Woman, Deliciously Ella, and Natasha’s kitchen. 

Travelling Jobs Epilogue

In this reading, you have found out the best career options that go with the vision of finding jobs that require international travel. It goes without saying that such job roles demand attention toward one’s healthy lifestyle. An employer only hires an individual for travelling jobs when he/she holds a strong medical record. Above all, a traveller with a business motive requires a visa, passport, and documents to verify financial stability.

“We wish you good luck!”


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