How a Unique Signature Logo Can Help Your Brand Image


    On August 2, 1776, John Hancock was the first member of the Continental Congress to put quill to parchment and sign the Declaration of Independence. 

    The story goes that Hancock signed his name with a bold flourish, writing in a large script in the center of the page, and stated that people would be able to read his name without the use of glasses. He was right, it seems, and his signature is still instantly recognizable today as a symbol of patriotism and freedom.


    Such is the power of the humble signature that it can transmit ideas and concepts as well as images or words. This is a power that graphic designers would do well to keep in mind.

    Here at Artlogo, we understand the hard-hitting impact of a recognizable signature. We design gorgeous handwritten signatures for everything from stationery and email headers to website logos and social media banners. Our designs are effortlessly elegant and can help convey so much about your brand and personality at a glance.

    This article will explain a little more about the types of service we provide. So, if you’re looking for a signature or signature logo to grab the attention of clients and expand your brand, read on!!

    What Do We Do?

    At Artlogo, we create digital signatures and logo signatures for discerning professional customers. The business owners who request our services are looking for eye-catching, stylish signatures and logos to help improve their brand image and attract new customers.

    Examples of some of the jobs we complete for our clients include:

    • Digitizing personal signatures.
    • Creating email signatures and digital signatures for e-signing software.
    • Designing logos and banners for social media pages and websites.
    • Creating elegant signatures for merchandise, stationery, business cards, and more.
    • Designing signature tattoos.
    • Making signatures and signature logos for use in YouTube videos.

    This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the jobs we take on for our clients, but it does help give you some idea of the wide range of services we offer.

    Some of our services are particularly popular with our clients. For example, providing email signatures for business communiques, creating attention-grabbing banners for social media to help create and maintain brand image, and designing unique, eye-catching logos for professionals.


    Who Uses Our Services?

    All sorts of people can benefit from our services, but we are most often approached by professionals looking to create a polished, elegant aesthetic for their business. We’ve completed commissions for CEOs and business owners,photographers, real estate agents, doctors, finance consultants, and more.

    What do all these different businesses have in common? They all share the same need for high-quality, attractive logos for their businesses. Our signature designs have a chic, classic aesthetic, and no one piece is the same, meaning they’re the perfect choice for professionals looking to firmly establish their own brand.

    For people looking to build upon their personal branding and stand out to customers through effective advertising campaigns, Artlogo’s services are the natural choice. If we haven’t already convinced you of that, read on to find out about our creative process and how it sets us apart from other similar professionals.

    What Is Our Process?

    Many signature logo services use software or fonts to achieve their results, so many customers assume we use the same methods. But this is not so! 

    At Artlogo, all of our signatures are handwritten by professional calligraphers. Our experts work hard on all our commissions, ensuring that you are delivered an absolutely stunning work of painstaking craftsmanship.


    A few benefits of using hand-drawn signatures over fonts include:

    • Handwritten signatures are truly unique. You could write the same name fifteen times in the same style, and each would still have delightful variations to give it its own style and flavor.
    • They are also higher quality than logos made using software or fonts, with infinitely more care put into them than just rattling a few words into a keyboard.
    • These types of logos are also fully customizable. When drawing a design by hand, it’s easier to add last-minute elements than on a computer.

    Even though our work is all done by hand, we still provide competitive rates. We believe everyone deserves the chance to have stunning, high-quality logos for their businesses, all without breaking the bank. Starting at a reasonable rate of $39.95, you can experience for yourself the benefits of having a stylish, unique signature to attract customers.

    How Will Our Clients Benefit From Our Services?

    So, now that we’ve told you a little about our brand—who we are, what we do, and the techniques we use to achieve such splendid results—we’ll now explain some of the benefits of our designs. See for yourself why so many of our clients recommend our services.

    Develop a unique personal brand and stand out

    Signatures are a good choice for developing a personal brand because they are so customizable and individual. After a while, people will begin to associate your signature with you and your brand; with just a glance at your name, they should be able to recall what you do. 

    Our unique signature designs will help you stand out from your competitions. With our eye-catching, impactful designs, you’re bound to see lots more traffic coming in through your doors.

    Improve brand awareness 

    Following our previous point, using a signature will help further improve awareness of your brand. The more people see your logo, and the more people begin to associate it with your brand and your ethos, the more it will become linked with you and help push brand awareness.

    The appearance of your logo can help inform what people think about your brand. For example, a flowing, curling script will create a completely different impression than a stark, choppy one.

    Get more answers via emails

    Having one of our professionally written signatures at the end of your emails will help people take you more seriously. And when people are more inclined to see you as a serious professional, they are more likely to respond to your emails. Our clients have experienced an increase in reply rates as high as 20%.


    Advertise personal services and get more leads

    Our signatures can also be used to advertise personal services. This works well, as you can make the most of their customizability to have a piece that captures something about you and your services. 

    Furthermore, our beautiful commissions will add a professional finish to your advertisements. Nothing puts a potential client off your services as quickly as a sloppy, unprofessional advertisement. But our beautiful signatures and signature logos are bound to draw attention in all the right ways.

    Roughly a third of new businesses fail within their first two years. There are many contributing factors to this, but one is lead generation. Without a steady increase in customer interest, your business is unlikely to prosper. Our designs will help you get more leads, ensuring you have tons of interested customers looking to find out more about your business.

    Grab the viewer’s attention and stick their mind

    Compared to a generic logo—one that uses a standard font, for example—our signature logos are a lot more memorable and attention-grabbing. Each of our designs is unique, crafted especially for you, so you know your commission will retain something of your personality.

    Viewers are far more likely to be drawn to something aesthetically pleasing. Not only that, but the logo is more likely to stick in their minds if it tells them something about your business.

    Make You and Your Name Unique!

    If you are starting a new business and are looking for a design service to help you with your signature or logo, look no further. Here at Artlogo, we create striking pieces that will capture the attention of your audience. Let us help you establish your brand so that you can tell people who you are and what you do at a glance. 

    Whether you’re looking for signatures for emails, website headers, or social media profile pictures, Artlogo has you covered. Our services include these jobs and many more, all completed to an exacting standard. Whether people encounter your brand online or through posters and pamphlets, they will soon grow to recognize your signature and brand.

    So, do you want your business to stand out from a crowd? Do you want designs that pack a punch and draw in an audience? Then why not hire our services today? Through our user-friendly website, you can order your logo signature in just a matter of minutes. 


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