How Do You Sharpen a Straight Razor?

    How Do You Sharpen a Straight Razor?

    Are you thinking about buying a straight razor to use at home? More men are choosing to invest in this grooming tool since it allows a smooth and close shave. What’s more, it can even mean fewer ingrown hairs and lowers the risk of skin infections. So, there are plenty of reasons why this can be a good move.

    In particular, men love how a straight razor is made from steel and has long-lasting blades. But, this is only going to be true if you take care of your new razor and learn how to keep it sharp. Let’s take a closer look at how you do this.

    Why Do You Need to Sharpen a Straight Razor?

    First of all, you need to understand why you are doing something before you know how to do it. This demonstrates why it is necessary to keep up with maintenance. In this case, you will want to understand why you need to sharpen a straight razor. Essentially, this is because if the blade is not sharp, it will tug on the hair and pull on your skin. 

    This is going to be uncomfortable for you and this is how you can cut yourself. Instead, when the razor is sharp, you get a better shave and you do not have to use a lot of effort. Simply, it will glide over the skin and you can enjoy a close shave. If you are a beginner, you can get started with a straight razor kit from Cut Throat Club. This brand specialises in quality razors, ensuring you can have a better shave. What’s more, a kit will include everything you need.

    What Do You Need to Sharpen a Straight Razor?

    You are going to be able to sharpen a straight razor at home. There are going to be two pieces of equipment you need. Let’s take a closer look at them.

    A Leather Strop

    To begin, you are going to need a leather strop. This is a rectangular piece of material that is used to align the blade. In particular, it is made from durable leather. In other to enjoy a sharp and clean razor, it is recommended that you use a leather strop every time before you shave. We will explain how to use this later in the guide.

    A Honing Stone

    In addition to a leather strop, you are going to need a honing stone. This is not a tool you will need to use every time. But, it will be necessary to use to keep the blade sharp to use for shaving. Essentially, it has grains that are abrasive, which will sharpen the blades.

    How Do I Sharpen a Straight Razor?

    Now, it is finally time to find out how you sharpen a straight razor. Hopefully, you already have your straight razor and the tools we have mentioned. Let’s get started.

    Stropping the Razor

    Stropping is something that is relatively easy and quick to do. In particular, it involves running the blades along the leather material. This should be done several times before you start shaving. Any defects will be removed from the blades and keep it aligned enough to get a clean shave. You can also use a stropping paste in order to look after the strop. Always ensure that you take your time when you are first learning. This is going to avoid any mistakes.

    Honing the Razor

    Every now and again, you are going to have to hone a straight razor. This is going to keep it nice and sharp for shaving. All you are going to do is wet the stone prior to use. You will pull the razor over the stone. The grit is going to sharpen the blade. You want to ensure that you keep the edge flat so that you sharpen the blade correctly. Not a lot of pressure is necessary when honing the razor. When you feel the blade getting blunt, this is when you need to repeat this process.


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