How Long Does it Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim

    Personal Injury Claim

    Like all other things related to any injury claim – such as the compensation, you’ll get at the end of the process – how long it’ll take for you to finish the entire case will rely on various things. This means that there is no specific span of time such a claim lasts, mostly because it’ll rely on the type of incident you were involved in, the scope of your wounds, as well as whether the claim concludes in a courtroom. Here is what you must know about the entire process:

    1. The Time It’ll Take Will Rely on Various Things

    The most significant factor that’ll affect how long it’ll take to resolve this type of claim is the wounds you’ve sustained and the type of misfortune that has caused it. For instance, if you were implicated in a vehicle accident where you sustained whiplash, you’ll be capable of settling it quicker than you would a more severe wound such as a loss of limb. Hence, the more complex and daunting it is for you to verify the claims you’re making, the longer it’ll take to complete the case.

    Because of this, it’s crucial that you work with a team of experienced attorneys such as Bojat Law Group, mostly because they’ll be capable of helping you gather all the proof and they’ll know precisely what steps they must take to file your lawsuit. Hiring a lawyer is especially beneficial and useful if your injuries prevent you from, for example, moving. Keep in mind, that if you have all the evidence, you must file the claim within three months of the incident happening, but then again, this is something lawyers from Bojat Law Group will inform you about.

    2. There Are Some Average Waiting Times For Getting Compensated

    By now, it’s probably pretty clear that you’ll have to wait for some time to settle your personal injury claim, especially since it’ll rely on a wide array of things and circumstances. Nonetheless, there are some average waiting times for getting compensated for the damages you sustained, and the waiting times are categorized by the type of mishap you were involved in. The most common waiting times based on accidents include:

    – Road Traffic – From Four to Nine Months
    – Public Liability – From Five Months to One Year
    – Workplace – From Five Months to One Year
    – Industrial Accident or a Disease – From Twelve Months to Eighteen Months
    – Medical Neglect – From Twelve to Thirty-Six Months


    Depending on the type of mishap you were implicated in, as well as the scope of the injuries you sustained, it may take you from four to 36 months to settle your personal injury claim as explained by Bojat Law Group. Of course, working with an experienced lawyer can help you speed up the entire process, hence, if you don’t have a legal representative, don’t lose time. Instead, you should start browsing different law companies in order to find one that is experienced with personal injury claims, and more importantly, that’ll suit the needs you have.


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