How science and high-end computing just got accessible!

    How science and high-end computing just got accessible!

    Whether you are a big company in need for some serious processing power for your professional applications or just an individual that is in need for better performance, 

    Cloud-computing got you covered! Cloud-computing is a remote computer somewhere in a warehouse controlled by you via your current desktop or laptop. The feed of that computer in that warehouse gets streamed to your screen in most cases. So it is like Netflix streaming.

    If you ever browsed around on the computing market you’ll see soon that prices of a powerful computer are outrageous. For individuals for example, having fast rendering times of video edits or photoshop pictures takes a lot of computing power. This is where the cloud-computing market comes in cheap, really cheap. Cloud-computing is accessible on sites often via a subscription or annual plan which range from $20-$xxxx a month. 

    In this article, you’ll find more about what exactly cloud computing is and when it was founded, and also, you can read more about why a good internet connection is everything when using cloud computing! It is hard to fit all the info about such a complex matter as cloud-computing in 1 article, check out the news outlet Niche Business News for all things cloud-computing and business! 

    What is cloud computing and when was it founded? 

    As mentioned, cloud-computing is like a Netflix streaming service. The high end computer, often in a warehouse overseas, is connected to your local desktop or laptop and streams the feed of the desktop to you like a stream or a movie you are watching. Only the main difference is you are controlling the actions happening on the pc overseas. 

    It’s not always through a system like this, some other companies have built systems that eliminate the need for streaming and build an auto system that handles that in the background but it comes down to the same principle. 

    The notion of network-based computing dates to the 1960s, but many believe the first use of “cloud computing” in its modern context occurred on August 9, 2006, when then Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced the term to an industry conference.

    Why is a strong internet connection vital? 

    Well as you are streaming and sending commands over via the internet the performance of the pc on the other side depends on the speed it receives them. That’s why having a fast and strong internet connection is vital to get the best performance.


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