How to choose and use the TONOR ring light for Zoom, YouTube and Live Streaming

    How to choose and use the TONOR ring light for Zoom, YouTube and Live Streaming

    When it comes to shooting video, lighting is very important. Good lighting can better adjust the recording scene, thereby improving the quality of photography. On the other hand, poor lighting can worsen the quality of photography. You don’t want that! Thus, getting good lighting is one of the important prerequisites for the photographic results you get to meet your expectations. But how? How should we choose and use the best right light to help us take Zoom, YouTube, and Live Streaming?

    There are several ways you can improve the lighting of your photography but the easiest is to use a ring light. Ring lights can produce solid lighting so that each object can be highlighted very well.

    If you are a Youtube, Tik Toker or vlogger, you are highly recommended to use the selfie ring light. They ensure simplified lighting so users no longer have to worry about poor lighting and dependence on dividing lights.

    There are various kinds of selfie ring lights on the market but only a few are truly reliable, one of which is the TONOR TRL-20 selfie ring light. This 12” ring light is very popular and dimmable. With tripod support, Bluetooth connection, affordable price, and various other features, it’s no wonder that this lamp is very popular in the market.

    How to choose and use the TONOR ring light for Zoom, YouTube and Live Streaming

    You don’t need to buy it at an official physical store. You can buy TONOR ring lights online. We recommend Amazon because this online store sells various items at a more affordable price than other online stores. Just click this link and you can directly buy the ring light. 

    How to use it?

    First of all, you should understand that the TONOR lamp is compatible with both Android and iOS. So you don’t have to worry about your smartphone not working with this light. You can adjust the lighting with a sophisticated remote control that is easy to operate.

    Ring Light with Dimmability

    There are various color options and brightness levels provided by the TONOR TRL 20. There are three color options modes provided; cool, natural and warm. Accommodated color temperature ranges from 2700K to 6500K. The brightness modes that can be selected are 10 kinds. The selection should be tailored based on your needs. Zoom conferences, commercial videos and cosmetic tutorials for example… Each of them requires a different brightness mode.

    Good light and bright

    If you feel the light doesn’t suit your photography or videography needs, don’t worry! The TRL-20 lamp can emit a bright, solid light. Your photos and videos will look clear, solid, and of course realistic. Its soft lighting will make your skin look better than ever. We’ve already proven that by comparing it with other ring lights.

    Long life span

    Of course you are advised to use ring lights efficiently. But if your activities are quite busy, you don’t need to worry too much because the TONOR TRL-20 ring light can last up to 20 thousand hours of use! You have built-in surge protection and electrostatic protection features that allow for a longer operating life than similar lamps.

    You can use a tripod mount to stabilize the camera movement. Not only that, you can also adjust to the shooting angles you want. Adjust the tripod mount (you can adjust it in the 16 to 52 inch range). Make sure the weight supported by the stand does not exceed 3 kg. When all the parameters are met, you don’t have to worry anymore! Did you find this article informative? Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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