How to get a virtual phone number to receive OTP

    virtual phone number

    In light of restrictions and the blocking of online applications, virtual phone numbers have become one of the most important tools for internet users. With it, anyone can easily sign up on any website no matter is it a social network, an instant messenger, or an online store. It is available for every platform that requires its users to pass phone number verification and fortunately purchasing such a service is getting easier every day.

    How do virtual phone numbers work

    For the average person, this feature may sound like something unusual and complicated. However, in reality, virtual phone number is a simple and affordable option for everyone. In terms of operating principles and provided opportunities, it doesn’t differ much from the real phone numbers that we are used to.

    First of all, every virtual phone number also belongs to a SIM card issued by a cell phone carrier from a certain country. At the same time, it has a similar dialing code and number of digits as a real phone number. In addition, if configured correctly, it can be messaged and even voice-called without any difficulties at all.

    So basically there is only one difference between virtual and real phone numbers. Unlike the second option virtual cell phone is used online through a special server. Instead of a smartphone and laptop, it is inserted in special hardware like a GSM modem or GoIP gateway. As a result, it becomes possible to access it with any device that is connected to the internet and activate virtual phone numbers from different countries while located in others.

    Main benefits of using VoIP phone numbers

    A few years ago virtual phone numbers were chosen only for the opportunity to create additional accounts in different online applications. However, there have been many changes since then. Today this option provides many other opportunities and benefits. Every user bases his choice on one or all of the following factors:

    • Low and affordable price. Buying a virtual phone number for verification is a cheap solution, especially compared to obtaining a new SIM card instead. Even though the price straightly depends on the country dialing code and the application phone number is supposed to receive a text message from, in most cases it doesn’t exceed one dollar.
    • Activation from any place in the world. There is no location restrictions thing in the case of virtual phone numbers. Such a feature is provided in every country and available for use from all over the world as well. To concretize, it is possible to obtain and use an Iranian mobile number for SMS verification while located in the US or South Africa. This service has no requirements in terms of the location at all.
    • Connect and use within a few minutes. The whole process from buying to activating a virtual phone number takes a few steps to complete. You don’t have to buy and connect expensive hardware or learn programming courses for this. All the necessary tools are set up and prepared in advance.

    Of course, those are only the main advantages of such a service as virtual phone numbers. They also bring to the table a lot of less significant, but also notable benefits. For example, there is absolutely no way to trace them. Every account created with a virtual cell number remains safe and cannot be used to reveal the identity of its owner. And this is especially important in recent times when privacy comes to the fore.

    Service to get a virtual phone number for receiving OTP

    Getting a virtual phone number for receiving OTP has never been so simple as today. SMS-Man provides such an opportunity after passing a simple and convenient registration process. Speed and quality of service are key parameters in this industry. After several years of constant activity, this platform fully meets both of these criteria.

    On this website, users can choose virtual numbers from more than a hundred countries from all the continents that exist on the planet. At the same time, there are more than a thousand different applications available. Of course, the list also includes the most popular projects such as Telegram, Gmail, Amazon, and others.

    It is also possible to rent a virtual phone number for a certain period of time instead of purchasing it for one-time use. Such an option is useful when it is required to create accounts on several applications at once. It will be more profitable to solve this task with one phone number. Big companies also find a rental service helpful because a general virtual phone number allows any employee to access corporate accounts on social networks anytime when needed.

    You can obtain a virtual phone number for any purpose and make daily tasks on the internet much easier right today!


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