How To Get An Emergency Dentist Appointment From Teledentistry.Com?


    During a dental emergency, it becomes challenging to get the immediate attention of a dental professional. The right advice at the right time can save you from severe pain, further infection, and extensive dental bills. 

    Here comes the importance of a virtual emergency dentist like You can book an emergency dentist appointment through a call or by submitting a form on their website. Beyond booking an emergency appointment, you can call 888-588-3394​ to get instantly seen by a 24/7 emergency dentist. 

    Fortunately, accepts all major insurances, including New Jersey urgent dental care Medicaid. So, follow this guide to learn how to get an emergency dentist appointment from

    3 Ways get an emergency dentist appointment from

    With’s 24/7 urgent dental care, you can immediately connect with the best emergency dentists through audio and video. In addition to emergency consultation, the dentists can also refer you to a local dentist for further management. 

    Here is how you can book an emergency dental appointment through

    1.Over the phone

    Dental emergencies are always uncertain and unexpected. Sometimes locating an emergency dentist becomes a major challenge while traveling, beyond office hours, or on weekends. Further, long waiting periods at dental offices makes the scenario worse. 

    Cheer Up! can book an appointment for you when no one else can. 

    In pursuit of providing citizens a platform to connect with the best emergency dentist both virtually and physically, it is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Just call (866) 525-3001 to book an emergency dentist appointment near your location. 

    2.Through Website

    Visit their official website and click on the “book an appointment now” button to proceed further with booking an appointment. Further, fill in the following essential information to locate the best emergency dentist near you that accepts your insurance. 

    • Condition or procedure
    • City, Area, or Zip Code
    • Date
    • Insurance carrier and plan 

    Sit back and relax. You will get a list of available dentists near your location as per your preferences. Further, you can easily book an appointment with a dentist from the list. Following these simple steps can easily help you skip the long waiting lines to see an emergency dentist. 

    3.Get seen and referred to a local dentist

    Another viable option is to get seen by’s emergency dentist virtually and get a referral to a local dentist. Follow these easy steps: 

    Select your insurance

    To start with, select your insurance from the dropdown list. Surprisingly, accepts all major insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. The list of insurance carriers includes but is not limited to the following names: 

    • Aetna
    • Benecare 
    • Aflac
    • Sunlife
    • Delta Dental
    • Guardian
    • Geha
    • Liberty Dental Plan
    • Patient Direct
    • Nevada Dental Benefits
    • Primecare

    If you do not have active coverage or your insurance doesn’t feature in this list, you can pay a direct fee or get seen on a reimbursement basis. 

    Fill out the Patient Information Form

    In the next step, fill out the patient information form and sign in. In addition to personal information, you may have to answer some questionnaires. The website only collects the mandatory data required to connect you with a suitable and compatible dentist. Further, your data will remain confidential with the website. 

    Take photos of the Problem Area (Optional)

    You can also take photos of the problem area and share them with your dentist for better assessment. This is an optional step, as most virtual emergency dentists are experienced in diagnosing and treating the patient based on their inputs. 

    Get seen and referred to a local dentist

    After following these simple steps, you will be connected with’s emergency dentist. The emergency dentists consultation is proven to be beneficial in the: 

    • Immediate relief of dental pain
    • First-aid guidance, patient education, and case management until you visit a dentist. 
    • Getting non-controlled medicine prescribed and sent to your local pharmacy for pick up

    After follow-up, if necessary, the emergency dentists may refer you to a local dentist. Typically, all local dentists have separate reservations for such dental emergencies. 

    What to do when waiting for your dental emergency appointment?

    Maintaining good oral health while trying not to aggravate the problem is vital. Moreover, the specific steps you should take depend on your emergency. 

    For instance, when experiencing tooth abscess, avoiding hot drinks or food is recommended. In addition, the patient should use a toothbrush with soft bristles and avoid flossing for a while. Also, you can do warm salt water gargles for some comfort. 

    If experiencing a tooth knocked out, the patient needs to clean the mouth with running water. Try to keep the tooth back in the socket. When not possible, keep it in milk until you see an emergency dentist. It helps maintain the normal pH balance and preserves the tooth. Along with it, keep the affected area clean and free from any sort of debris. Otherwise, it could lead to further infections. 

    What to expect during a dental emergency appointment?

    During a dental emergency appointment, the dentist would try to locate and treat the root cause of the problem. If the pain is unbearable and other treatment options do not suffice, the dentist might recommend removing the tooth altogether. However, no dentist would proceed with any treatment without your consent. 

    For instance, when experiencing a tooth knocked out, the dentist may try to reinsert the tooth into the socket. However, it depends on how early you get to see a dentist and the knocked-out tooth’s condition. If the dentist fails to save the knocked-out tooth, they will discuss alternative treatment options, such as implants or bridges, well in advance. 

    Conclusion allows patients to get an emergency appointment by calling (866) 525-3001 or submitting a form on their website. Although both options get you an immediate response, you can confirm your insurance coverage or save some time by visiting their website. Meanwhile, you can take the precautionary measures mentioned in this article while waiting for your appointment. 


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