The most important and the toughest part of being an actor is getting into the character. It’s difficult because it’s difficult to carry different personalities. For example, it’s difficult for an actor to play both the roles of a hero and a villain. In this blog, you will know how to get into a character.

    1. Try Method Acting – Method Acting is a technique in which the actors live like the character in actual life so as to deliver a more natural performance. It is one of the toughest yet crucial way to get into the character. The actors live in the exact situations as their characters and inculcate the character’s habits and emotions so to be realistic.
    2. Feel the character – Get to know your character from every dimension. Take notes of every minute to major detail. Be it the hairstyle or clothes or the body language. Put yourself in your character’s shoes and then act accordingly. Relate yourself to the character. Ask questions to yourself like – How would you have reacted if you yourself were in that situation? What type of clothing does the character wear? What should be his hair colour? Etc.
    3. Rehearse – Keep on rehearsing your role, sometimes alone, sometimes with your co-actors. This would make you more confident with the emotions of the character. Always rehearse your dialogues with the required tone and emotions. Don’t just read the dialogues because you might be able to learn the dialogues but you won’t be able to get into the character. If you’re alone, practice in front of the mirror. Sometimes, record yourself and watch the recording and see if you can feel the character. If you have people as audience, rehearse in front of them and ask them if they were able to relate to the story.
    4. Talk to your co-actors – Keep talking to your co-actors so as to get comfortable with them while delivering your performance. Talk to them, apart from the dialogues,  in the same way as your character would have talked to their characters. After a couple of days, you will get habitual and you would find yourself in the character deeply. Understand their characters as well so that you have the required coordination. . If you don’t have co-actors, ask someone from your family or friends to play the role of the other person. 
    5. Focus – Get into the details of your dialogues, understand the tone. Determine the feelings of the character according to the situation. Also understand the roles, dialogues, situations and emotions of other characters so as to respond and act according to them. Don’t forget to consider the environment and weather of the scene.


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