How To Know When It Is Time To Move house

    Time To Move house

    As a society, we base most of our decisions around where we live. The average commute to work in the USA is around twenty-five minutes for each person, which just demonstrates how our daily lives orbit our current home. However, these homes aren’t always the ideal situation forever.

    You may not realize it yet, but there will come a time when your current address is no longer suited to your lifestyle. These changes often creep up slowly, so this article will look at a few reasons why you should think about moving house.

    A New Job

    The main reason you will need to up and leave your current address is when you start a new job. The economy is changing rapidly, and modern technology has made it easier for people to work remotely in the digital age. However, people are still moving houses to find work so that they can pay their bills.

    You may have to relocate because of a promotion, or you want to pursue another career path. Either way, moving to accommodate a job change is probably the shift that you can prepare for the most.

    Change In Income

    It doesn’t matter where you happen to live, you will have to pay a specific amount each month to carry on residing at your current address. You may rent the property or pay a mortgage so that you eventually own the place outright. Either way, your house bills count toward a significant portion of your monthly expenses.

    Even the smallest change to your monthly income can make paying these bills extremely difficult. Whether you take a pay cut at work or there is a cost of living increase, there will often come a time when paying these bills gets extremely tough. Some people choose to ride out the storm; however, it is far more beneficial to your future to move house. Paying less for your house is going to allow you to continue to live the life you want, so don’t let a change in income catch you out.

    Your Family Situation Changes

    A key event in life is welcoming a new child into the world. There are a lot of positives that accompany this change; however, things in your household are about to change. 

    New parents will always prepare their home as much as they can when expecting a child. There is nothing wrong with this, but you may want to think more long-term. If you are ready to start a family, there may be more bundles of joy in your future. Is your home equipped to handle two children, or even three? While you are making plans for your first child, perhaps it is worth assessing your living situation. 

    On the other hand, your children are going to leave home eventually. Many parents struggle to adjust to an empty nest and rattling around a big house on your own can only make things worse. A way to combat these feelings is by finding a new start. Moving to a new area can help you start a life where you aren’t a full-time parent and a smaller house can remove the emptiness that your child’s presence leaves behind.

    You Run Out Of Space

    As your life moves on you are likely to acquire more possessions. A quick sort out can help you to declutter your home; however, there are also times when you simply outgrow your property.

    It is a perfectly natural part of getting older, and you are expected to grow and change as time passes. Sometimes the two-bed apartment that you shared with your partner suddenly feels cramped because of your now hectic schedules, or it no longer suits your needs. 

    Moving to a larger place doesn’t necessarily mean that you need more space for your possessions. It is a sign that you have reached a new phase in your life.

    The Housing Market Changes

    The state of the housing market is always going to be beyond your control yet it still has a major effect on your quality of life. You can always query a real estate agent if you are concerned about how the economy is going to affect your living situation. They can help guide you toward homes for sale that is in your price range, without you having to worry. Sometimes, it is a good idea to get ahead of a housing crisis before it happens.

    What’s more, a boost in the market could work out in your favor, and you could end up living somewhere that you never dreamed you could afford like a rural property in Wilmington, North Carolina. If you find yourself in a position to find real estate in Wilmington, you can learn more here at EZ Home Search. No one wants to have to think about how the housing market will affect them, so make sure you consult with the professionals to turn the situation to your advantage.

    Your Situation Is Unliveable

    Sometimes, the perfect home could cause you issues through no fault of its own. While you may be comfortable in your home, external factors can make your life challenging.

    All it takes is a bad neighbor or a change to the local area and your situation can become unliveable. Many people choose to stand and fight when faced with an unpleasant situation like this; however, it is sometimes better to cut your losses and move house as soon as you notice that you aren’t happy anymore. Removing a bad neighbor from the street takes a long time, and it could leave you feeling strung out by the end. This is even truer if you are fighting to clean up an entire neighborhood.

    It takes all sorts to make a world, and you have a better chance of living in harmony when surrounded by other like-minded individuals. If you are having trouble with the neighbors, try moving as soon as possible to keep your peace of mind intact. Just make sure that you properly research your next location to avoid a repeat of these events.

    Lifestyle Change

    You never know what is waiting for you around the corner and a fresh start may be the perfect medicine to heal your soul. Life moves at such a pace that changes are always going to occur, for good and ill. There are sadly going to be times when you can no longer stand to live in the house that you once called home, and moving can provide the very solution you have been searching for.

    Perhaps the hustle and bustle of city life are getting you down, or you feel lonely at your current address. There is nothing wrong with picking yourself up and moving elsewhere. You will be surprised by how many people opt for a fresh start when life gets tough, so maybe moving house can provide you with the answers you have been looking for.


    There is very little in this life that you cannot control. When faced with one of the many changes listed above, perhaps a change in address may benefit you. Try to keep an eye out for when your life begins to shift and you can get the most out of moving house. 


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